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#4877: Did I mention that you should go see Interstellar?

Seriously, go see it.

* * *

Stupid pedestrians. One of the things that annoys me about people in the immediate vicinity of the bunker is their apparent inability to use the fucking sidewalks.

There are two streets in this neighborhood which do not have sidewalks--two--and otherwise there are sidewalks all over the damned place, yet whenever you see someone out for a walk where is he walking? In the street, usually with (rather than against) traffic. A few nights ago when I was on my way home, I had to swerve to avoid hitting some stupid kid who was actually walking against traffic, but he was wearing all dark clothing and if he had crossed the street he could have been walking on the f-ing sidewalk!

And who gets blamed when someone is hit by a car? It is not the pedestrian, regardless of how f-ing stupid his actions are.


* * *

So, yeah, the GOP has no spine and anyway they want amnesty, only they know there's no way to pass it when half the country is out of work. So if Obama overreaches and gives the illegal aliens executive amnesty, the GOP is going to make a token effort designed to fail, and then everyone in DC gets amnesty without having to vote for it. No one's seat at the table is threatened by a vote for amnesty, their big business donors get amnesty, and everyone wins!

Everyone, that is, except for the middle class, which finds itself unemployed. But who cares about them? They only vote every two years (when they vote at all) and by the time the next election comes down they'll have forgotten all about this.

I wish I could say that I am shocked and surprised by this, but I'm not, particularly when I was expecting something like this.

* * *

Jeb Bush is going to run for President and can't wait to fight against the conservative base of the GOP. Jeb Bush is therefore going to lose, because I expect that the 2016 elections will also feature a Democrat candidate whose positions will be more Democrat than Jeb Bush's Democrat Lite positions.

It's like putting Romney up against Obama: why vote for Obama Lite when you can get Full Obama? The base stays home (or votes Libertarian) and we get another four to eight years of a Democrat in the White House.

* * *

If the next econut bugaboo becomes defending Earth from asteroids, count me in, because any asteroid defense system is going to require a lot of space-based hardware. The more stuff we have going into space, the better are the chances that we'll finally get off our asses and start doing things out there. Big things, difficult things, useful things, that will result in humans colonizing the solar system and learning new things and-and-and.

You can't just build an asteroid defense system. You need to build other things, including the infrastructure required to build the defense system; and once all that stuff is in place you need to maintain it. And while you're doing all that, other people will be hitching a ride in hopes of making a buck, and all kinds of unpredictable and wonderful things will result.

When Colombus set out to find a new route to China, he wasn't expecting to discover a whole new continent, and he sure as hell didn't do it intending to open a new frontier.

Meanwhile we have more diversity in launch systems than ever. My bets are still on SpaceX, because they seem to be the only company that is doing it the smartest way, but I like the fact that others are in the game.

There's plenty of pie and it's raining soup, so grab a bucket.

* * *

Yesterday was a pretty full day.

After the movie and dinner, Mrs. Fungus was tired and went to bed. I stayed up, because I had the turkey stock to deal with.

The bird carcass went into the pot Tuesday night and simmered until it fell apart. It cooled overnight, and when we got home from our day out, I strained the broth and separated out the usable bits of meat. I have a mixer bowl about half full of turkey shreds, which will be used for various delicious things (I already had a simple turkey salad sandwich, heh). Put the pot on to boil the broth down to stock, then wrote yesterday's blog post (you are going to go see Interstellar, aren't you?) and diddled WoW a little bit before landing in front of the TV.

Now, Tuesday, I finished Haganai, and watched the first couple eps of Ano Natsu de Matteru, which I found to have absolutely gorgeous artwork. Wednesday night, then, I was going to watch a few episodes, and ended up watching seven of them while the stock was reducing. It seems to be set in the late 1970s or early 1980s; none of the characters has a cell phone, though one has a cordless phone in his home and CGI is mentioned as a way of doing special effects in the movie they're making. The setting is rural Japan, and we see one car (at least as far as ep 9) so there really isn't any way to tell what year it's supposed to be.

Since the movie is being shot on 8mm film (no sound, or at least the camera didn't record sound) it's definitely not present-day, since you can't get film any more.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the series (as my 7-ep binge seems to indicate).

After that, writing! I banged out about seven pages of a new short, about a guy stranded on a semi-hostile alien world with a taciturn energy being. I don't know how good it is, but that's the most SF writing I've done in a few months, so it'll have to do.

* * *

December is going to be a two-movie month, though, because we're going to see The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

That'll be entertaining, but not as good and entertaining as Interstellar.

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