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#4878: Well, that just about wraps it up for science.

Borepatch today has a discussion on how "scientists" in Europe decided that certain pesticides had to be banned, and then made up facts and figures to scare people into banning them.

Science is pretty well dead. You can forget about any new advances coming from a discipline which allows its practitioners to get away with obvious misfeasance. The instant that politics trumps fact, science becomes meaningless.

Science only works if you confirm or refute theories based on evidence--all the evidence. The instant you start to make up the evidence (or ignore evidence that you find inconvenient) you are no longer doing science; you're making propaganda.

* * *

ISIS claims they have a dirty bomb. If they really have a dirty bomb, and they use it, someone's going to have a pretty bad day. The announcement from ISIS says "London" but that could be strategic misdirection.

But, you know, we really have to stop deporting illegal aliens and stuff because "these are the people who make our beds and serve our food", right?

Meanwhile Ace has hit on the perfect plan for making the GOP pay attention to its base. We purposely vote against them in just a few races per election, ousting the worst of them. This is the perfect way to fix the problem with the GOP being too squishy.

* * *

I hope that Bluesun is lucky, because just about every time I let something upgrade, thinking "It can't hurt!", usually it hurts. A lot.

* * *

So there's this screed on Zero Hedge. I disagree with some of its conclusions, but in the main most of the points are correct.

Like? Like the fact that this year's Thanksgiving weekend take was 11% below last year's, without including real inflation--and if you include inflation it's even worse.

Our government is lying about unemployment and inflation--because it suits the interest of the D.C. bureaucrats to do so--and anyone who has had to buy his own food or find a new job knows it. The media have no interest in decrying the lies because doing so would gore their own ox.

The price of oil is $30 a barrel cheaper than it was in September--it's currently the lowest it's been in five years--and we are not seeing a concomitant uptick in economic activity as we have seen under similar circumstances in the past. (And why is gasoline still near $3 a gallon? It's been $2.86 per gallon here in the Fungal Vale the entire time, but with oil below $70 a barrel it ought to be closer to $2 than $3.)

With banks practically giving away loans--interest rates are near zero--there should be a hell of a lot more going on than there is, so much that the Fed should need to raise interest rates to cool things off. But nothing is happening, and there hasn't been a significant rate increase since Clinton was in office. (Or quite possibly before.)

Meanwhile our government has added a trillion dollars to the national debt in the last year alone, giving the lie to the Keynesian notion that government spending can kickstart a failing economy. In fact the growth of the public debt has gone asymptotic. (Interesting side note: looking at the national debt graph in that article, I notice that the 1994-1995 Congress with the "Contract on America" managed to delay this for a few years...until George Bush got into the White House and the GOP realized they could spend like Democrats.) In fact, every year since 2009 inclusive has featured a massive addition to the national debt of at least $1,000 billion per year.

All that has done is to prop up a failed economy. D.C., Wall Street, and the media are all attempting to keep it afloat using a nework of lies, obfuscations, and chicanery.

The "why" is not at all difficult to understand. Look: if the economy goes belly-up--if the excess debt, the bad debt, is allowed to clear, if the overleveraged corporations are allowed to fail--a lot of very rich coastal liberals lose their plush lifestyles, from the politicians to the lobbyists to the media elites to the Wall Street captains of industry. They all find themselves eating franks-and-beans instead of filet mignon, trading in the Beemer for a beater. The private jets, the penthouse apartments, the servants, it all goes away. They lose their money, they lose their power, they lose everything by which they define themselves, and besides that they then might actually have to work for a living.

And to hell with everyone else. It doesn't matter to any of them whether or not the middle class can pay its bills. If the middle class were smart they would've been investment bankers and lobbyists, doctors and lawyers, you know--rich people--instead of being unwashed peasants who like Jesus and think Ronald Reagan was a pretty good President.

So the system totters onward. I don't know that the elites have enough control over the system that they can stave off disaster as long as two years; they seem to have it under control and maybe they are just waiting for the 2016 election season. What I do know is that if they are doing something like that, their juggling must be getting pretty damned frantic, because all I see is an increasing amount of economic misery all over the world...and there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of the coastal elite crowd. If that juggler drops a plate, things can get bad in a hell of a hurry.

Heck of a thing when you're thinking it might be better if the economic catastrophe is being managed.

* * *

On my way to work this morning I realized that the story I've been working on--all 10 pages of it--is a mess with absolutely no tension whatsoever. I can fix it, but not right now.

Maybe someday I'll learn how to write....

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