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#4485: Not even $8 and it's fixed.

Went to a place my uncle suggested lo these many years ago--actually, around the time I was trying to find a belt for the snowblower--a place called Motion Industries which has a service center in Chicago Heights. For the princely sum of $7.85 they sold me a belt, which I applied to washing machine. So I plugged it back in, set it to spin, depressed the interlock, and it spun up to full speed faster than it has in years.

Shut it off, unplugged it, then decided I'm not putting the front back on until I am sure it works and plugged it back in and put some laundry in. Then, while it was filling, I figured I could screw the front on and not latch the clips at the top, so I did that. It finished filling, and immediately set to washing, without any fuss whatsoever. I smacked the top to set the clips and went on my way.

For the record, the belt is a 4L320. It would have been funny if it used the same belt as the snowblower (which is a 3L340, more or less) but it was not to be. Oh well.

So the thing has gotten to the rinse cycle, and it took a long time to spin up for that. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something else that needs fixing on the thing, because if a new belt is slipping it's not a very good sign. I can't tell if the smell of burning rubber is from last night, or fresh.

Well, it's still nice that I was able to do this much. If I need another belt before all is said and done it won't break the bank, and I know I can get other parts for this machine if I need them. A transmission or a motor would basically mean "new washer" but just about anything else is pretty inexpensive.

Here it looks like a transmission is $300, which is above replacement cost for the whole unit.

The most likely issue is the main bearing. The thing sounds like a jet plane taking off during the spin cycle. I would have replaced that years ago if I could have figured out how to get at the f-ing thing, but I couldn't figure out how to get the agitator off, and since it worked all right (just noisily) I figured it wouldn't matter all that much. If the bearing is the cause of belt slippage, it's a $40 part and it's probably an afternoon to put it in, if I can figure out how to get the blasted thing apart. (Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly; I'm not worried about getting it back together.)

Regardless, though, replacing that bearing is going to mean laying the thing on its side and taking it just about all the way apart.

Well, fortunately, I know how to fix things.

* * *

Kellogg union workers want to go the way of the Hostess union workers. Look: people don't really eat breakfast cereal the way they used to. For one thing, cereal is pure carbs, and who wants to eat pure carbs for any meal?

The president of the union is delusional when he says, as Denninger blockquotes, "When you look at the cost of what we are, it's so minimal that I don't even think it has an impact on them." Labor is always the biggest cost for any business, unless that business is 100% automated--and even then, you must pay people to maintain the machines, and to handle the marketing and other functions, and then that will be your biggest cost.

Union labor typically places a premium on labor costs, to boot.

What this story amounts to is union babies not wanting to give up their feather-bedded nests even as the rest of us are floundering in a Keynesian nightmare spawned by the kind of politicians that love union babies. *sigh*

* * *

Speaking of whiny-ass crybabies Colombia law school is postponing final exams, because Ferguson traumatized the students and they can't perform at their best when they live in such a patriarchal, phallocentric, racist, bigoted, and homophobic world.


This is such magnificent horseshit I don't even know where to begin.

Well, we can begin with concluding that this is the final nail in the coffin for ivy league educations. If you manage to slave away for however many years it takes to get a law degree, but you have to postpone your final exams because ZOMGRACISS, not only are you not competent to practice law, but probably not even capable of taking care of yourself. You probably should be in a home or something.

* * *

This part is probably what the washer needs. Though--I went downstairs and double-checked it, and it spun right up to speed nice and fast both on wash and rinse cycles. Could thirty pounds of wet clothing make that much difference when the whole rotating assembly weighs more than that, dry?

* * *

So UPS leaves something at the door and rings the bell. My wife goes to get it, and from there follows several minutes of sliding box noises accompanied with sounds of exertion. She gets by the computer room door and says, "Don't look!" so I know that any help with moving the package is unwelcome.

And then more sliding, grunting, and other sounds, followed by a "Whew!" once the closet door is closed.

So I guess this is the year that I'm getting that man-portable thermonuclear warhead that I've always wanted....

"That may have to go under the Christmas tree unwrapped," she said after catching her breath.

"Well, that's not very festive," I replied.

"Fine!" she said, but couldn't hold the pose and started laughing.

"You could always cut out wrapping paper and tape it to the sides--"

"Don't tell me what to do for your enjoyment!"

"I'm not...well, okay, I guess I am."

...and we both had a jolly good laugh.

Other laugh-inducing things:

Today we had a couple errands to run. We went to the post office and there was some lady in the lobby, sitting at the table there with a huge amount of stuff spread out on it, and as we were leaving she was saying, loudly and distinctly, "I don't use my middle initial when I write 'Peggy'," and I figure posting that quote here is fair game since she said it in a post office lobby, the very epitome of a public space. I didn't really see but I gathered she was talking on a cell phone.

"I'm conductin' my personal business in the post office lobby, 'cause I can't find any other place where I can use a table for free," I told Mrs. Fungus in my "old lady" voice. (Once we were safely out of earshot of the woman in question.)

That was pretty humorous, but not as funny as the popcorn gift pack we saw at Jewel. Front of box: "No artificial ingredients!" In box next to popcorn: SPRAY BUTTER.

...because of course spray butter is all-natural! When you're churning cream to make butter, the kind of butter you can spray is the last stage before it becomes solid butter! I'm certain there's no hydrolized vegetable oil or other chemical monstrosities in that container of SPRAY BUTTER!

That's without even going into the flavored salt next to the SPRAY BUTTER....

Might as well put a label on it: "guaranteed to be up to 100% organic!" Jeeze.

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