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#4486: The GOP is not even remotely vertebrate.

So the new GOP congress hasn't even been sworn in yet and they're already caving. Nothing surprising here. They want amnesty, they want the spending, they want Obamacare.

Notice that it's the staffers who must sign up for Obamacare, not the GOP congresscritters themselves. It's all well and good to make a statement, you know, but we elected officials are too important to risk exposing ourselves to the kind of health care that the lesser people get.

Everything is fully funded, and it's a continuing resolution, because an actual budget would lay out just how much money the government is spending, making it impossible obscure how big the deficit is.

* * *

Romney didn't lose the election because of his ties to business. Romeny lost the election because his politics were virtually indistinguishable from Obama's.

* * *

Berzerkley protestors unhappy with jail food. This is the kind of story that crops up every so often: idiot liberal protestors get arrested in the employment of civil disobedience, then complain that the food they get in lockup isn't vegetarian-vegan-gluten-free.

"I'm willing to be arrested for my cause, but you can't possibly expect me to eat a bologna sandwich! You'd better get me food that didn't used to have a face!"

JayG then continues with the meme by commenting on a similar story in which protestors were upset that they had to walk home, because their protest had blocked roads and train tracks and public transportation was not running.


* * *

Greenpeace activists vandalize the best-known Nazca formation because renewable energy. "Breathtaking arrogance" hardly begins to cover it.

I wonder, to some small extent (because I think I know) what it was like in the conference room where the people responsible discussed this stupid shit. I wonder if any of them gave any thought at all to how this would be received?
A: You know, maybe we shouldn't do this. It's a world heritage site, and it's part of Peru's national identity--

B: What we're doing is important, man. We need to do it someplace that will get noticed.

C: The people of Peru have long history of oppression by white europeans. They'll understand the importance of our message. They're the ones this is supposed to help!

A: But we're all whi--

D: And what's more, we're doing it in an environmentally friendly fashion. All anyone has to do is pick up the cloth we lay down, and it's all gone.

A: But if we leave footprints--


C: Yeah, do you want Big Oil and Big Coal to win?

A: No, of course I don't want--

C: We have to stop global warming, you know!

B: Yeah! Besides, it's man made! It's not like it's natural!
It went something like that, I expect.

* * *

Meanwhile Germany's CO2 policies have caused electricity prices to "necessarily skyrocket" and pretty much the German government has given up trying to control them, which means they'll go even higher as more and more German people freeze in the dark.

Hooray for environmentalism!

* * *

So now the Democrats are trying to stand in the way of the big continuing resolution (labeled the "CRomnibus bill" by AoSHQ) because politics, or something.

Which, to be honest, I don't get. The CRomnibus bill doesn't even attempt to stand athwart any key Democrat positions.

* * *

This Basic Instructions strip made me laugh out loud, and more than once. It's funny.

* * *

There's a huge gap in the middle of this post. I got called upon to run an errand, and Mrs. Fungus and I were out of the house for about three hours. Now it's after dinner, so I finally have time to finish this post. Hooray!

What a pity I haven't had any time to do anything else this week. With the washer going belly-up (however temporarily) I had to deal with that. I washed dishes last night and checked under the sink, only to find more f-ing water there. But when I took the stuff out of the cabinet, I saw that it was only by the front, and there was none at the back. The underside of the back edge was dry but the underside of the front was not. Aha! A quick check revealed that the front side has exactly the same issue as the backside, which is where the water is coming from. If I am ever again involved in remodeling a kitchen, I know to specify a sink that drops in from the top, rather than attaches to the bottom. (But, hey--at least this is something I know how to handle.)

Tonight I'm going to use the silicone sealant on the front side, and that should take care of all the damned leaks. The warranty info for the sink/countertop is, I believe, in the attic with the rest of Mom's paperwork, so I'll be digging that out when I go up there for the Christmas decorations.

Whee! It's a never-ending cavalcade of riotous living!

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