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#448: Awesome. Just awesome.

Jesse Jackson got arrested for criminal trespass. He was protesting outside a gun store, calling for stricter limits on guns.

This occurred in the wake of a gang-related shooting which left an innocent 16-year-old honor student dead and others wounded.

Jackson's theory is that the gun shop's proximity to Chicago allows gangs and other criminals easy access to firearms.

It seems that Jesse Jackson's recto-cranial inversion has not improved at all in recent years. In fact I think it's advanced to recto-cranial impaction and will require surgery.

If I am a gangbanger, the last place I'll buy a gun is a legitimate, licensed gun dealer. First, I don't want there to be any record of the sale. Second, I don't want to have to wait five days or a week or however long the waiting period is. Third, I probably don't have a FOID (Firearm Owner ID) card anyway, so the gun shop won't sell guns to me in the first place. Fourth, in Illinois (at least--and Iowa, too) you have to be 21 to legally own a handgun. What is the average age of gangbangers? How old was the murderer in this particular crime? Hmm, it says here that "two teens have been charged as adults".

That phrase is very telling. Know what it means? If a "teen" is "charged as an adult", it means he is a minor.

Guess what? That kid couldn't legally carry any gun, much less a handgun, in the city of Chicago, much less the state of Illinois! Since Illinois is a "may issue" state--the state can decide whether or not to issue concealed carry permits to qualified adults--it's impossible that either of these "teens" had a CCW license, much less a FOID card.

This being the case, I would lay fairly long odds that they did not buy their gun(s) at that gun store!

So why is Jesse Jackson protesting there?

Basically Jackson is saying that the owners of the gun shops are criminals--that their gun shop provides criminals with "easy access to firearms". That statement implies that a) criminals will legally obtain weapons with which to commit crimes, paying full retail price instead of getting a cut-rate deal on stolen weapons; and b) this gun shop caters to such people. I would wager that that's an utterly baseless charge.

No mention is made in the article of exactly where the gun shop is, what types of firearms it carries, how often it has been robbed in the past several years, etc; just that it is "close to Chicago".

Jackson has an "out" on libel or slander suits, because the shop could quite possibly be burglarized, which would count as "easy access to firearms"--at least, close enough for the court to dismiss the case. Besides, Jackson is very rich and ifluential, and has very rich and very powerful friends, and can hire the best lawyers. The owners of that gun shop are just average working people.

Jackson--and in a larger sense, the people who agree with his stance on gun control--don't seem to understand the basic difference between legal and illegal gun ownership. (Come to think of it, they don't seem to understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration, either.) To Jesse Jackson, anyone with a gun--except for his armed bodyguards!--is a potential criminal and murderer.

It's illegal for any citizen to own a handgun in the city of Chicago. Citizens just flat may not own them, period; they're banned. And yet there are dozens of handgun murders every year, because the criminals don't give a rat's ass about the illegality of handguns. The murder which prompted Jackson to protest outside this gun store was perpetrated with an illegal weapon carried by a minor, someone who was not allowed, by law, to carry any firearm, much less own one.

So now Jesse Jackson wants to make it more illegal to own a handgun. Except, of course, for his bodyguards. I note here again that Jackson's bodyguards can carry weapons wherever the hell they go, with the possible exception of the Capitol Building and the White House, because they have licenses to do just that--licenses which the average Joe finds it difficult or impossible to obtain for himself even after jumping through all the legal and bureaucratic hoops correctly.

So you see, Jesse Jackson isn't against handguns; he's just against the average citizen having them. Old JJ is "important" and has to have armed bodyguards, but you and me, well, hell, we're just peons--a few more or less of us won't make much difference, and we're too stupid and imcompetent to be allowed to play with dangerous things.

The biggest irony--and tragedy--of all of this is that ultimately Jesse Jackson is hurting the people he claims to be helping: the blacks of Chicago, particularly the poor. Blacks absorb a disproportionately high level of gun violence--a majority of gun violence in the US is perpetrated by blacks, on blacks--and Jesse Jackson is trying to take away the very thing which would allow the law-abiding blacks to defend themselves from the criminals in their own communities.

Hey Jesse: time to get your head out of your ass. Finally.

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