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#4495: Let's try and get all this done quickly.

My wife was raised Catholic but never heard the story of Saint Nicholas. The real Saint Nick, I mean, the heretic-clobbering badass bishop of the 4th century.

So last night I told her about it, and she was amazed.

* * *

Those sanctions didn't work because they were imposed by old white men who were probably senile. Obama's sanctions against Russia and Venezuela will work because he's hip and cool and smart, but we might as well dismantle the half-century-old sanctions against Cuba.

I'm going to assume that's what the thinking is, because otherwise my brain asplode. My brain has never handled cognitive dissonance very well, not in others and certainly not in myself. It requires a special kind of stupid to eliminate sanctions against one country, claiming they don't work, while simultaneously emplacing them against another country.

What it all boils down to is that the American left has never liked the sanctions on Cuba, because they liked Fidel Castro--and Castro's murderous pit bull, the psychopath Ernesto Guevara, was their darling. Normalizing relations with Cuba is a lefty dream.

Since we're stuck with this idiocy, we might as well look at the bright side. Normalizing relations with Cuba will mean that more people get to see what a hereditary totalitarian communist shithole looks like. The media can't control the narrative, not in a world with the Internet, and the real news will get out.

How long can the Castro family retain control of Cuba, anyway? How old is Raul? Does he have a son?

* * *

Democrats always bend the rules for their friends. Big Obama donor--banned from the visa list for committing fraud--has the rules bent by the State Department so she can get a visa and come to the US.

Imagine the screams if this had been done by the Bush administration.

* * *

Who is that guy, second from the left? It doesn't say.

I am interested only because back in the Cretaceous Era, when I was a teenager, I made up a super-villain named THE WHITE FOREHEAD. He was a very bad guy. I never really explained (or even thought to explain) what made his forehead white, nor what that had to do with his super-villainy; I was 16 and this super-villain was identified by the fact that he had a white forehead.

I don't know. Genetic mutation? Vitiligo? Scalp transplant? I never worried about it. None of the super-villains I came up with in my high school notebooks ever had an origin story; they were there simply as foils for Kano, the invulnerable and immortal space traveler. Kano fought against a panoply of arch-villains from all over the universe: Dr. Human, Zbzil the White Hand (inspired by a LEGO figure of mine that had one white hand), Elric, Underwear Man, fat bald men with bad breath, and the White Forehead.

The inspiration for the White Forehead came one night when I was preparing for bed. I was washing my face--I used Noxema in those days to keep the acne at a minimum--and caught a glimpse of myself with my forehead covered in Noxema and thought it was kind of funny. "Fear the White Forehead!" I screeched theatrically, and laughed.

That memory is why I realize that the scene from Better Off Dead, where John Cusack puts Q-tips in his mouth and makes faces at the mirror, is hardly even an exaggeration.

Anyway, it seems that the White Forehead's big bugaboo is global warming. That makes sense.

* * *

The inventor of Write-Only memory (WOM) has finally stepped forward and the genius can now be showered with accolades.

* * *

I should write a post about my notebooks. Maybe I'll do that later, after I've finished running my errands.

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