atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4499: The good and the bad

Yesterday I filled the Jeep's gas tank--from its near empty, "low fuel light is on" state--for $38.

When was the last time gas was under $2.60 a gallon in the Fungal Vale? I can't recall, but it for damn sure has been quite a while.

But it's hard to feel good about gas not costing $YEECH! for a change, knowing what the low cost of fuel means in a larger economic sense. These low prices will only last as long as OPEC has competition; once they're bankrupt, the sky's the limit (again).

* * *

Before I'd even punched in yesterday I got buttonholed by the store's general manager. He sent me back to Computers mainly to ring people out, so I spent most of my shift back there.

It was a relaxing and easy shift, but Computers is directly opposite the doors, and I was chilly enough that my nose was cold for most of my shift...and coming home I had the telltale soreness in the tonsils that presages a cold. This morning the left side of my head is a block of wood.

I should have had those damned things removed in 2007, damn it.

Anyway, it stinks that I may be getting a cold just in time for Christmas, but unless I'm sorely mistaken this will be the first time since 2007 that I had a cold that went beyond the sniffles. Seven years without getting sick is not too shabby, really...but why now? Two weeks from now it wouldn't matter so much, because the holidays will be over and I expect hours to be cut across the board.

* * *

Today's going to be a busy one. Once work is done we have a ton of errands to run. Guess I'd better get in the shower....

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