atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4504: Holy crap

My tonsils feel as if I've been sucking on red hot Brillo pads. It was so bad that on my way back from picking up the cinnabons I stopped at Walgreens and bought a bottle of Chloraseptic, stuff I never use because it makes me heave every time I spray it in my mouth--but I need it, because holy fuck do my tonsils hurt.

...and even the Choraseptic doesn't kill the pain entirely.

I think it would hurt less to have the fuckin' things cut out. If I ever have health insurance again, the first f-ing thing I do with it is going to be getting my damned tonsils removed.

No, cough drops don't soothe them at all.


* * *

On the plus side, I have one errand to run tomorrow, and then I can stay in and do nothing--and in fact the errand is shopping, so it's not like I absolutely must do it in the morning or anything. I am going to sleep, and the first step is the pair of NyQuil caplets I just took. That will kill the pain, or at least make me so loopy that I don't notice it and go to sleep. I expect to feel better after sleeping for a while.

* * *

But, yeah--opening the store at 7 AM turned out to be pretty f-ing stupid. From 7 to 8 the only people there were employees. A few people came in after that, but Geek Squad was dead until 8:30, and even then it wasn't like there was a line or anything.

Mine's not to reason why, though.

* * *

I feel like crap, but I gutted it up and went to work while sick, all the while realizing no one was going to give me a medal or even a gold star for it. I did it because that's what you do.

I'm glad I did, but man, did it suck. I'm for bed.

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