atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4513: I'll take "not understanding the law" for $400, Alex.

Last summer I had a conversation with a client in which he discussed all his identification woes, and he said something that struck me as massively ignorant of Illinois gun law.

"I have a FOID card," he said, "which entitles me to carry a concealed weapon."

I did not do what any reasonable person would be compelled to do--which is to scream, NO! NO, IT DOES NOT!!! at the top of his lungs--because he was a customer and the situation was not germane to correcting an ignoramus on his improper grasp of the law. I really had to work for it, though.

He was talking about having been arrested for illegal carry, which in fact he was doing (by his own admission). I don't know how he managed to get past all the warnings on the form and elsewhere which clearly state that having a FOID card does not license you to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise.


* * *

President Douchebag boots wedding so he can play golf. Whee!

* * *

Today is my last workday of the year. I must remember to tell my coworkers, "See you next year!"

Such a stimulating life I lead.

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