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#4515: Waking up happy

It's not something that happens to me very often, regardless of circumstance. Normally when I wake up, I return to consciousness first, and then my emotional state resolves. Sometimes it takes a few minutes.

Today, though, I woke up happy, from a dream that ended with this song playing:

Bernward Koch's "Flight Being", which came up on my Pandora "Bluetech" channel a few weeks ago, and I thumbs-upped almost immediately.

The song reminds me of certain anime BGM from series that I loved, though I can't put my finger on exactly which series or song. It may simply be that its gentle, relaxed, pleasant feeling reminds me of a scene or two that have a similar ethos or bouquet.

I don't even remember what the dream was about, worse luck. I remember events in the dream that were tense and full of conflict, but the end--no idea how it ended, except for that music playing.

The good mood lasted about as long as it took for me to read through today's headlines, but I'll take what I can get.

* * *

Guess what? The oceans are not becoming more acidic. Turns out that the change in oceanic pH has been modeled to be in decline, rather than being actually, y'know, observed to decline.

A grad student ("PhD candidate") named Mike Wallace noticed this:
While studying a chart produced by [climatologists] Feely and Sabine, apparently showing a strong correlation between rising atmospheric CO2 levels and falling oceanic pH levels, Wallace noticed that some key information had been omitted.

Mysteriously, the chart only began in 1988. But Wallace knew for a fact that there were oceanic pH measurements dating back to at least 100 years earlier and was puzzled that this solid data had been ignored, in favour of computer modelled projections.


When Wallace emailed his query to Feely and Sabine, however, he found them less than helpful.

Sabine replied that it was inappropriate for Wallace to impugn the "motives or quality of our science" and warned that if he continued in this manner "you will not last long in your career." Having provided Wallace with a few links – all of which turned out to be useless – he concluded his email by saying "I hope you will refrain from contacting me again."
When you ask a question, and your question is answered by something approximating BECAUSE SHUT UP, THAT'S WHY, IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!, it usually means you have asked a highly inconvenient question of someone who has something to hide.

Someone who is not doing science but creating propaganda.

* * *

As for me, I do believe I'm over my cold. I still have the cough as the body attempts to mop up after the war, but it no longer feels like razor blades when I do. The glands in my neck are back to approximately normal size and I feel a lot better than I did a week ago.

* * *

Last week, at work, I was walking past the Sony display and something on one of the TVs caught my eye. It was a trailer for the impending release of a game called No Man's Sky.

It's going to be, apparently, an MMORPG set in a procedurally-generated galaxy, and any place you can see you can go visit. It looks gorgeous. As far as I can tell its release date is "Coming in 2015!"

We'll see if it's actually anything to write home about.

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