atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4519: I am sleepy...

At this time of year it starts to get dark around 4:30, and if you're like me it's pathetically easy to sleep until the sun has set.

I don't know how long I'm going to continute to milk the "Hey, I'm getting over a cold!" thing, but for the time being I'm not going to feel too guilty about it. I'm still taking antibiotics, and still producing an excess of gunk, so WTH.

On to the stuff!

* * *

Being a cop ain't all that dangerous. Construction workers, lumberjacks, even garbage men have more dangerous jobs than police do.

* * *

In fact it's more dangerous to be a baby than it is to be a cop, especially in a world with Planned Parenthood. 126 dead cops a year is one every three days, but Planned Parenthood killed a baby every 90 seconds.

* * *

I don't know what to think about this. The next huge scientific breakthrough is probably going to come from some guy working in his garage because the research establishment is too hidebound and politically correct to do much useful work any longer. Still, when it comes to space warps and free energy and other phenomena, the safe money is usually on the side of skepticism.

* * *

This is important. LEDs printed on paper, then laminated, make a nice white light and are flexible. Even better the printing can be addressable, which means it's not going to take very much more to make something I predicted about fifteen years ago: animated product labels.

My prediction was based on the fact that organic LED displays could (theoretically, at the time) be printed with a modified inkjet printer; once you have that capability, the sky is the limit. The most cost-prohibitive thing about any kind of display is the manufacturing, but if we can simply print displays, well--printing is a mature technology and we can print just about any size and shape we want.

I still maintain that sometime in the future--not long from now--you will be able to buy a TV, hang it from the ceiling, and let it unroll like a tapestry. Or you'll pay someone to come in and, essentially, put up wallpaper that is a wall-sized display.

* * *

This is very, very, highly interesting. It's a tattoo that you can change, or turn off, as you see fit.

How long will it take before the e-ink tattoo can be changed on the fly?

Instead of a static image of a flaming skull, how about an animation where the flames lick and flow around the bones? How about a continuously-twining tribal knot?

How about this:

* * *

2015 doesn't have "Mr. Fusion" or flying cars in it, but it has some other, less exciting stuff. I guess that'll have to do.

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