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#4522: It is hard to feel sorry for them

Watch what you wish for, because you may get it. Harvard faculty that really wanted Obamacare is unhappy that they have Obamacare.

You see, they didn't want Obamacare for themselves; they wanted Obamacare for everyone else. They were supposed to be able to keep their platinum-lined health plan even while the rest of us were shoved off onto paying gold prices for tin.

Assuming, that is, that we can even afford health insurance in the first place. Obamacare's actual name is "Affordable Care Act" but all it has really done is to make the cost of health insurance skyrocket. Plenty of people have been priced right out of the health insurance market, because there are no plans which are within their means. The last time I got a bill for health insurance, it was double the premium of pre-Obamacare times, well over $200 a month for a single man in his mid-40s. Health insurance for families is much more expensive.

The Harvard faculty is unhappy that they are being asked to pay part of their premiums. As Doug Powers put it, "The Harvard faculty is now making Hyundai payments for Cadillacs and bitching about it,..."

I know that these people thought that their elite status would shield them from the consequences of their advocacy of socialized medicine, but the simple fact is that whenever socialism takes over, in the process of its implementation most of its proponents end up thrown under the bus.

* * *

And speaking of miserable, sniveling little pussies, grow a pair of testicles you fucking pansy. "Oh, people make fun of how I say "whip"! I can't take it!"

How the hell did this wilting flower survive childhood? Well, I guess there wasn't any teasing allowed in Hot House High School, and going to college was his first experience with anyone ever having a laugh at his expense, and it hurt his delicate little feelings!

Try living this guy's life and then talk to me about how traumatized you are. Or, rather, just shut the fuck up.

This "microaggression" bullshit has to be stopped. Really.

* * *

A couple inches of snow, and then the temperatures cratered. It got down to 3° last night, and it's supposed to do about the same tomorrow night. Between, 3-6 inches of snow, if-and-when.

* * *

I am hearing stories about John Boehner being replaced as Speaker of the House. That would be very nice, because Boehner's leadership has, IMHO, been lacking. I don't expect his replacement to be much better, though, since the GOP leadership is composed of moderates, and they certainly don't want any icky conservatives to gain power. Why, they're still working to undo the damage Reagan did!


Meawhile, we're treated to trial balloons from all the usual shitheads. Jeb Bush is mulling running for President next year. Huckabee is reportedly going to mull same. There have been meanderings from Romney, too.

NO, NO, and FUCK NO.

A pair of losers and Bush 3.0--not one of them is worth nominating. Huckabee is the most conservative of the three but he's already had one shot at it, and failed of nomination. Romney failed twice, first of nomination and then of election; and considering his positions on things like socialized medicine and gun control he shouldn't even be invited to the convention much less allowed to run again. Bush 3.0--there's no way in hell I'm voting for another Bush. That ship has sailed, thanks to Bush 2.0 and his incontinent social spending.

Replacing John Boehner, however, is a step in the right direction.

* * *

I'm really struggling to find a graceful way to end today's post, and failing.

Last night Mrs. Fungus watched the first ep of this year's Celebrity Apprentice and I demurred from even being in the same room. Reason: Gilbert Gottfried is one of the contestants. That man's schtick was funny twenty-five years ago, but it has not aged well and I have no interest in subjecting myself to it. I can't even stand the AFLAC commercials.

Well--as reality TV goes CA is pretty bad, anyway. A bunch of really rich people appear on TV and perform tasks meant to raise money for various charities--it's nice, but when you come right down to it the people who get fired are not losing anything other than bragging rights. Certainly the first guy off the show--or the last--is not going to end up living in a refrigerator box; he's going right back to his ultra-pampered celebrity lifestyle, where he doesn't have to worry about making a car payment or keeping the gas turned on.

I don't remember who won the last one of these things, and I don't really care, either. Because whoever it was, the guy he beat for the #1 spot still made more money that year than I'll ever make in my lifetime.

* * *

5° outside; tonight's a good night to hunker down and stay indoors.

At some point we have to go see the last Hobbit movie, though.

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