atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4524: Welcome to January

We got perhaps four inches of snow last night, all told, and all in single-digit temperatures. Whee!

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I decided that we needed to go to the store, so we hied ourselves onward, defying the weather--well, what's the point of having a Jeep if you let light-to-moderate snow stop you? The roads weren't plowed, but 4WD and a maximum speed of 35 MPH work fine under those conditions, especially when your tires are about six months old and actually have tread on them.

Among other things, BakaBT was having its annual freeleech, so I fired up El-Hazard and ganked Haganai Next. I had to fiddle with it to make it work, and there was a lot of trouble about getting logged onto BakaBT again; further, uTorrent updated itself and I had to find and install a downgrade to get it to torrent anything from BakaBT, because the latest version is blacklisted.

It took maybe two hours for it to come down the pipe. I actually downloaded two versions, because one was in MKV format, and the BD player is fussy about format settings.

In the process of doing all that, though, I discovered that El-Hazard had a pretty recent version of my bookmark list, so I exported it to a memory stick. Last night, then, I imported that bookmark list into Pale Moon on Floristica, and spent perhaps half an hour organizing it and adding links that I've garnered since then; the result is that I've now got all my old bookmarks back.

I've spent some time looking at blogs I haven't visited for a coon's age (well, about fifteen months). It's nice to have all this stuff back, neatly organized into subheadings.

That and the shopping trip were the only things we accomplished yesterday. Hibernation status=very yes.

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