atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4525: The death cult strikes again

Yeah, three islamic asshats killed 12 French people because they worked for a magazine that cracked jokes about the pedophile prophet.

It's about time we stopped putting up with this kind of crap from these islamic terrorist shitheads and their backwards, oppressive death cult.

* * *

Current temp: -3.4°, and getting colder. Mrs. Fungus and I hunkered down and hibernated today. Nothing else made sense, especially since I had the day off. This kind of cold is not merely uncomfortable but dangerous. We'll see if it gets cold enough for frost to form on the latchplate for the front door, again.

...but there may not be enough moisture in the air to do much. The windows by the front door are not very frosty, and last night I repeated the trick with the CFL bulb, only this time I merely had to wave it around near my coat to get it to flicker. You rub that coat a bit in dry air and it generates its own electric field, and a pretty powerful one at that.

(Mrs. Fungus: "You're going to electrocute yourself!" No, I'm not. I'm pretty sure no one ever died from playing around with static electricity, at least the kind one can generate with a nylon coat and a light bulb. Sheesh. It only takes a few hundred volts to cause an arc in mercury vapor, and the zap you get from touching a doorknob is probably 20-30,000 volts. Very little current, though, which is the dangerous part.)

Curiously, rubbing my feet on the carpet didn't seem to do anything. Oh well.

* * *

The copy of Haganai Next I downloaded works fine on the BD player--at least, the first ep did--and so I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it.

* * *

Dinner last night was corned beef and cabbage, because Mrs. Fungus had a taste for it. We'd managed to find a not-too-expensive cut of corned beef at Meijer when we went shopping Monday. The meat came out extra-tender and it was all so good we ate until we just about popped. Perfect meal for a cold winter night, too.

F-ing corned beef--most of the cuts they had were ten fricking dollars a pound. I managed to find one that was $5.50 a pound, which is the one we bought, and it came to about $19. It would have been nice if they would have had a larger cut around that price, but all the other cuts had the higher price per pound and I'm not going to pay 2x the cost of a cut of meat in order to get an extra eight or ten ounces. WTF.

But the hunk we got was plenty big and we have leftovers, so it's not all bad.

* * *

I've been thinking about the wireless router here in the bunker.

The router is pretty old--I bought this one in 2009, which is now about five years ago--and I did not exactly pay a premium for the thing. I'd wager that I could probably get a new router that would be faster.

In 2009 the bunker had DSL, and the router I bought could ship packets via wireless faster than the DSL modem could deliver them. Now we have cable, though, and the cable is blindingly fast compared to DSL (or, indeed, any other internet service I've ever had) and the router is simply not that fast. There isn't a problem with the wired connections--those are nice and fast--but looking at my tablet, the net just seems clunky and slow.

Such an extravagance is not in our budget this month, and it's not likely to be in next month's budget, either, but I'm going to start thinking about what replacement to buy and maybe--if I can sock back a few pennies here and there--get one in a few months' time.

But hey, we all got a "tax cut" from the drop in gas prices, right? *rolleyes*

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