atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4527: Today Mrs. Fungus learned a valuable lesson.

Today she learned that the bacon bits you get in the salad aisle are not made of bacon.

Og discovered dog biscuits are more edible than bacon bits. Go figure.

* * *

Padua, Italy bans the construction of new mosques. You can bet this is going to be a trend, because mosques are death cult temples and the religion invented by the pedophile prophet is poisonous to civilization.

* * *

I didn't know Jim Butcher was on Livejournal! How do you like that?

He talks about the necessity of defending our freedom against those who wish to scare us into silence, and reminds us that freedom is not free.

Way to go, Mr. Butcher.

* * *

So you must have heard about Harry Reid's little "exercise" accident, where he ended up with broken ribs and a battered, bruised face, but somehow didn't end up with a broken arm or collarbone or other injury you can expect to get when you're exercising vigorously and you fall down. For example, if you're in your seventies and you're running on a treadmill, and you fall down hard enough to bruise the shit out of your face and break some ribs--which is what Reid claims happened to him--you're going to break an arm or a collarbone, at least, because your natural reflex is to throw out your arms to try to catch yourself.

Unless you fell because you were unconscious, I suppose.

Quoth Ace:
Harry Reid Says He Does 250 Sit-Ups, Three Times Per Week

He does a modified sit-up, however, using a special piece of exercise equipment.

This equipment is called an Adolescent Hot Male.
The theory is that Reid got his ass kicked by his catamite. That at least makes more sense than a treadmill accident, because you don't usually get your arm broken by someone punching the shit out of you, but you do get a spectactularly bruised face and perhaps broken ribs....

* * *

The only variation is the words. Six country songs, all generated to the same formula, and they mix together as naturally as scotch and soda.

Surprise coefficient: 0.00...0.

* * *

Having an eight-hour day with a half-hour lunch break makes me feel good about work. I feel as if I'm a person, you know, instead of a cog in a machine.

Although my hunt for a full-time job elsewhere has not yielded much fruit, I did manage to apply for a couple full-time jobs at the Orland Park store. We'll see if I even get called for an interview, but the applications themselves are a step in the right direction, and I need to be working full time.


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