atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4528: "Midnight"? The sun's coming up.

It's the middle of my night, though.

I was feeling kind of beat, and so was Mrs. Fungus, so we hit the hay a bit after midnight, which is usually pretty early for us as we're both night owls. It's kind of irritating, too, because my schedule allowed me to stay up late tonight, and I hate it when I'm too tired to enjoy that. But I woke up around 4:00 with a headache, prompted by empty stomach and dessicated air. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, and finally got up for a snack and drink.

The weather site claims -4 for the temperature, which is f-ing cold. I expect that when it hits 20 on Sunday it's going to feel like a heat wave.


Thursday, as I was leaving the store to get lunch, I was treated to a worrying sight: when I started the Jeep, the voltmeter remained pegged low for several seconds after startup. I wouldn't have noticed it so quickly if the "CHECK GAUGES" light hadn't been illuminated. After a few moments, though, the needle rose to its proper position.

The voltmeter generally runs somewhere around 14v, which is where it should be. Under certain circumstances (like when condensation has formed on the pulleys) it will run lower at startup, but not pegged low. A malfunctioning alternator will usually still produce some power, unless it's been totally fried; if the voltage regulator has failed it might run overvoltage (higher than about 15 volts) which is not good for several reasons. Voltage remaining outside about 12-14V usually means replacing the alternator.

It hasn't repeated this behavior since. I figure that the high wind and blowing snow, coupled with dropping temperaures, probably had something to do with it. At least, I hope so.

I am also beginning to suspect that something in the front end needs bearings. Driving home with 4WD on, Thursday night, I noticed a not-nice noise coming from the front when accelerating or slowing. Basically whenever the axle was under load, whenever the Jeep was not coasting, it would make the sound. The sound is not present when the front axle is freewheeling (ie 4WD is not engaged). It's not loud; basically it's a kind of whine/grind sound, something that sounds like a gronchy bearing.

Considering that it occurs under load, it might be a U-joint, I suppose.

The joys of driving a 14-year-old truck! Whee.

* * *

Friday I wore my sweater to work.

In the big box of Geek Squad clothes I got last year, there was a black v-neck sweater. It was, until Friday morning, still in its plastic bag, because nearly all the time my problem is being too warm. That was not so on Thursday.

There were two times Friday where I pushed up the sleeves because I was a bit warm. Otherwise I was comfortable.

Dang, it's cold.

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