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#4529: The economy sucks

More economic doomsaying. The problem with prophesy is that if you say "In six months we're all screwed," there is always the possibility that we will not, in fact, all be screwed in six months.

The fact that our current economic situation is entirely impossible to maintain for long is not in doubt; the real question is not whether or not there will be another crash but when will it be? That's the hard part.

So far, the economy has defied all reasonabl expectations and continued to totter onward, lurching back and forth, and the only thing which has saved us from economic disaster has been the willful blindness of banksters, all of whom are pretending really hard that Keynesian economics will work if we just give it enough time and money.

The primary feature of the issue at hand is that the economy has not been allowed to clear bad debt; instead the government made good on the bad debts and has continued to print money at an alarming pace. The fact that our Congress has not passed a budget since 2008 is a symptom: if the federal government produced an actual budget that hewed to the conventions used by our government for producing budgets, the scope of the deficit spending being undertaken would be manifest. It would, in fact, be fucking bleeding obvious, and any attempt to hide it by changing the rules would only highlight it further.

Both political parties are equally guilty.

If the bad debts had been allowed to clear, if "too big to fail" had been laughed down the way it should have, if the banksters' asses had not been covered by their butt buddies in D.C., yes, it would have been a bad couple of years, but it would be over now and our economy would be rebuilding itself naturally.

Instead, we papered over a lot of nastiness, and further Wall Street has been able to get away with things for which the average Joe would be sent to the federal pen where they'd lock him up and throw away the key.

D.C. did all this because they didn't want lynch mobs forming. Some of those lynch mobs might have been smart enough to understand the politicians' role in the economic disaster. The truth of the 2008 crash and the ongoing great depression are hidden because if the general populace understood what had happened, there'd be a literal bloodbath in DC and NYC. And maybe LA and SF, too.

But the question, as I said, is when. It cannot be papered over forever.

* * *

Vox Day compares the appeasement of islam to the appeasement of Hitler:
Imagine if, instead of his famous call to "fight them on the beaches", Winston Churchill had said something like this back in 1940. "Fear leads to hatred and that is exactly what the Nazis hope to provoke. They want to see us sending out warships to guard the Channel. They want an anti-German backlash; they want war and it would be absolutely fatal if we were to allow ourselves to fall for it."
Yeah, just imagine.

Wait, you don't have to! We have a bunch of morons doing that right now!

* * *

The GOP treats fiscal conservatives and libertarian/Tea Party people like an cruel husband treats his wife. The guy just does whatever he wants and if she dares to complain, he says, "What are you going to do? You got nowhere else to go".
Don't you worry about me. I will vote for someone for President in the 2016 election; but if the GOP fronts either Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, I will not be voting for the GOP candidate.

* * *

I spent an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube videos at work today. I don't remember how I started watching videos about guys getting vintage 1950s buses/RVs running, but that turned into other things, and eventually I was watching videos about abandoned places.

I had far too much time on my hands at work today. Well, the money I make waiting for clients to appear spends the same as the money I make helping clients, so WTF.

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