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#4531: A few observations

I have noticed--while looking at fail videos on YouTube--that if you have a stripper pole in your house (especially your living room) you already belong in the fail video compilation simply by virtue of having that stupid pole installed in your domicile.

Yes, "exercise equipment", sure. Regardless, FAIL.

* * *

Monday, during some downtime, I was looking at a Best Buy shopping cart, and realized that I could make one into a go kart without a hell of a lot of modification.

Step one: add a hoop under the front of the basket, probably cross-braced to add some rigidity to the structure. Cut out the front of the basket and "close" the mesh with more wire. The front hoop will provide support because this part will be the seat.

Step two: remove the rear wheels and modify the wheel brackets to hold the axle shaft bearings. Mount bearings to brackets, install axle, with drive sprocket and brake drum, and pneumatic wheels. (Alternately, add a bracket for a "scrub" brake.)

Step three: install additional tubing across the bottom and affix motor mount. Mount engine with centrifugal clutch, attach chain to drive sprocket.

Step four: Replace front casters with casters that have the same size wheels as the ones on back. If you can find the right type of caster, it can be modified for steering. (Bonus: install casters with some caster to make steering self-centering.)

Step five: Steering wheel and pedals for controlling the thing, since you want to be able to go, stop, and steer while you're on this contraption. Brake rod for actuating the brakes, a cable for the throttle.

Step six: test, disassemble, paint as needed, reassemble, enjoy your motorized shopping cart.

...I so want to build one now. The hard part is getting the shopping cart; the rest is just money for materials and parts, and effort. The shopping carts at Best Buy have a normal-sized bottom but a small basket, which is almost perfectly seat-sized, and it would be a fun little project. Heck, a Harbor Freight 6 HP engine can be had for about $100 and that's the most expensive component of the whole thing.

This is, however, so far down my list of priorities I expect I'll get to it sometime in 2083: "Grandpa, you're 116 years old! Why are you putting a fusion-electric motor on that shopping cart?"

"You shut up and let me work! I still have eight other projects after this one!"


Something that is closer to being within the scope of my capacity right now would be installing El-Hazard into something other than a computer case, like these kinds of things. I wouldn't want to repeat something I've seen on that page, though. I'd also want it to be compact and not too expensive. Since I already have all the hardware, it's just a matter of figuring out what to use for a case and then modifying it to suit.

There's probably something already in the house that I could use, something which isn't an antique, that no one would ever miss, and which would make a smashing computer case. I just need to figure out what that is.

If I were able to find a small enough LCD, I suppose I could turn the old Macintosh SE into El-Hazard, but then we're back to "buying new parts" and that's beyond the scope of this project. It would have to be about a 9" LCD with VGA input, of course, and I'd have to take the thing apart and mount the LCD to the inside of the Mac casing. (Bonus points: get a touch screen. Whee!)

Anyway, without the right monitor the ITX Mac idea is out (at least for now, maybe sometime after the go kart is done) so I need to find something else I can use.

Well, I suppose an idea will come to me.

* * *

These videos have also taught me that if you are on a skateboard anywhere within line-of-sight of a video recording device, you are probably about to get injured, usually in the crotch.

* * *

After my tiring day, I had a nap; now I'm wide f-ing awake even though it's 2:40 AM. *sigh*

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