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#4532: That worked out rather nicely.

So yesterday my "honey do" was to make chicken noodle soup, from scratch.

I had not made chicken soup from scratch before. The theory is very simple: put chicken parts in a pot with water, bring to boil, allow to simmer until the meat falls off the bone. Strain, separate meat from bones and other undesirable bits, return meat to broth, add onion, carrots, celery, and simmer until vegetables are tender. Add noodles and simmer until noodles are done. Serve.

It turned out well. I'm not exactly sure how. I made one mistake, which was adding the entire bag of noodles; I should have added half the bag. Well, I like lots of noodles in my chicken noodle soup.

This is very, very good soup. I don't know how it could be better. (Well, except for reducing the noodle content.)

I could get extra bonus points by making my own noodles, if I had a pasta machine. Mom never needed one but I don't want to have to hand-roll pasta like she always did, so for me it's just easier to buy noodles.

I used a cut-up chicken ($8) but saved out the breast meat and froze it. Legs, thighs, wings, and "rib and back" went into the pot.

* * *

I am informed that Blizzard is now selling statues of Grommash Hellscream. I must mortgage all I own in order to buy at least five for each room of the house.


* * *

John C. Wright blockqoted Bill Whittle, and it's a doozy: "They have no government, they have no command structure, they have no objective but death." Well worth reading. It's an excellent discussion and explanation of the evil we face in fighting islamic terrorism.

(Good line: "Seeing Janeane Garofolo in the flesh induces a sort of slack-jawed awe. One must go back all the way to Vanilla Ice to witness so much attitude in front of so little talent." LOL.)

* * *

SpaceX had another test recently. They almost got a Falcon booster to land intact, which is a mighty feat, something NASA never managed--or, indeed, ever attempted. Getting a rocket booster to land intact is hard, and SpaceX is getting ever closer to doing it.

Once you can recover your boosters intact, you have taken a great step towards reusability. SpaceX estimates that about 70% of the cost of their launch is the first stage booster, and if you can reuse a booster even one time it makes for a significant cut in your launch costs.

Way to go, guys!

* * *

Did Bill Clinton party with a guy who kept a stable of children for use as sex toys? From the page Denninger links to:
Democrat mega donor and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was tied by Palm Beach Police to as many as 40 underaged girls and allegedly provided minor girls to Prince Andrew and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, among others. Now, a lawsuit to overturn a secret and controversial sealed wrist slap plea deal that got Epstein a mere 15 months in a Palm Beach Halfway house, may reveal what Clinton was doing on the island and why Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 10 times to party abroad, according to FAA Logs. One woman abused on the island by Epstein told the UK Daily Mail Clinton was provided with two women “no older than 17″ when he visited Epstein’s island.
If this is true....

No, I don't even know what to say about this. Holy shit.

* * *

NYC can't do this because making people produce an ID is racist.

* * *

Borepatch illustrates how real scientists behave, as opposed to climatologists.

* * *

Related: Today's XKCD is a physics joke.

* * *

Well: yesterday I finally had a day off when it wasn't fifty degrees below zero fahrenhiet and I wasn't both sick and tired, so I dusted off the snow blower. I only had to pull the ripcord twenty or thirty times to get the thing started, and then blew as much snow off the driveway as I could.

After a shower, I hit the store for chicken soup supplies, then went to the hardware store next door for a 50 lb bag of salt, some of which I applied to the driveway.

The temperature proceeded to hit -4° fahrenheit.

Well, the salt will do its job today, and since it's expected to be above freezing this weekend I suppose the driveway will get clear.

And then it can snow again next week. Whee!

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