atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4535: Ah, winter. Yes, winter.

So I took the trash out just a few minutes ago.

Mrs. Fungus and I were fain to exhausted after our day at the cinema, so we ended up crashing around 10 PM. Naturally I woke up again, because my f-ing circadian is all fouled up, but here we are. Whee! I got the trash out, which needed doing, including getting the de-festooned tree out of the living room and vacuuming up the bulk of the needles it shed.

I stood outside, looking up at the stars. I do that a lot; whenever I go outside at night, if stars are visible, I end up spending a few moments looking at them.

And I realized, It's not that damned cold out tonight.

Temperature: 25.3° F.

Compared to how it's been since the beginning of the year, this is pretty mild weather. The other day when I was running the snowblower I think it was about 8° in still air, and that didn't feel nearly as frigid as it should have. Granted, I was working, and that keeps you warm, but still--

Anyway, point is, I think I've gotten used to winter again, the way I did last year.

* * *

Time to play find the comet! It's pretty near the north side of the Pleades now, which is a fairly good landmark to go by, and since that passes pretty near local zenith it ought to be out of most of the light pollution and ground clutter.

We'll see.

If I were really feeling plucky I'd get the telescope out and try using that to see the comet, but I still haven't had the time to sit down with the thing and its manual and figure out how to use it. This telescope is the kind of thing you could point at something in the sky and then look at it all night, merely twiddling knobs to keep the image centered, but first I need to learn how to use it.

This summer is when I intend to use it a lot, when I don't have to wear three layers of clothing just to stay alive outside.

* * *

Project Almanac appears to be a story about college-age kids finding the basis of a time machine in one of their garages, something built by one of their fathers. It looks like it'll be entertaining.

I do enjoy a good time-travel story, but I have no idea if this is going to be one.

The other preview that looked interesting was for Jupiter Ascending, which looks to be an entirely unapologetic space opera. "Queen of the Universe"? The visuals look great, of course. I suppose we'll see.

Ron Howard's gone and made a version of Moby Dick. *sigh*

So in December, the latest Star Wars movie--and the first one not made by George Lucas--hits the theater. The current trailer is about sixty seconds' worth of pure cotton candy, and the only thing it reveals about the upcoming movie is "not all Stormtroopers are clones any more". Oh, and the bad guy has a unique light saber. Pinch me.

It cannot be worse than Phantom Menace. At least it has that much going for it.

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