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#4537: Ha! Ha! Ha.

Let's start off with something heartwarming!

If you don't like dogs, if you think dogs are unclean (yes I'm looking at YOU, islam!) there is something seriously, seriously wrong with you.

I love dogs.

* * *

Helicopters are fucking expensive machines to own. The maintenance on a helicopter is heart-stoppingly expensive, even for a simple entry-level machine, because if anything breaks you're going to have a really bad day.

If you're FAA certified to maintain and repair helicopters you can save yourself quite a piece of change, but you'd better do everything 100% by the book--200%--because cutting corners is the best way to kill yourself in any kind of aviation.

So I'm not surprised that a "free" helicopter from the Department of Defense cost $2 million all told. DoD doesn't "surplus" equipment unless it's used up.

It used to be--decades ago--that you could buy a "pickled" Jeep at surplus. It'd come in a crate, never used, and you had to assemble the thing yourself: put in axles, attach tires, and so on. Dad once talked about doing that with me as a "father-son" project but of course nothing ever came of it, and I think that's a shame. Oh well. (Probably by the time he had the idea they were getting scarce, anyway; Viet Nam had been over for several years by then.)

* * *

The rot in the socialized educational system has become pandemic. Homeschool or private school; sending your kids to a public school is only going to ruin their futures.

* * *

Vox Day gives us a glimpse inside the Evil League of Evil.

I am an aspiring member, by the way.

* * *

If high speed passenger rail were economically necessary in the United States, we would have it. It's worthless and not necessary.

If it weren't, there would be money to be made in it, and people would be lining up for a chance at earning that money. There aren't, it isn't, and we don't need it.

* * *

I had a pretty nice day at work today. Whee!


Mrs. Fungus said today's post needed more lambs, so here they are:


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