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#4541: I'm not so sure.

This ZeroHedge article contends that once the currently active shale wells dry up, we're going to be epically screwed with regards to oil supply.

You know what? The doomsayers that tell us oil is going to be expensive and scarce don't seem to understand that we're going after shale oil because we're not allowed to exploit the deposits that are more easily accessed. The US government has decreed that we may not drill for oil in places where the oil is shallow and plentiful, for a variety of (ecological) reasons. The shale oil is deep and hard to access, but has the rather unique characteristic of not being under anything coastal elites care about--it's all out there in Flyover Country, the vast wastelands bereft of vegan tapas bars where the hicks and hayseeds live.

If Saudi Arabia falls to ISIS and oil becomes scarce, it won't matter what happened to the current crop of producers. Oil at $150 a barrel would bring back frackers in a heartbeat.

The doomsayers have this irresistable urge to tell us "it's the end of the world as we know it, and things will never be like this again!" but they will be, because it can't be otherwise.

* * *

Obama kept his campaign promise about forcing the price of electricity to skyrocket. Thanks, Obama!

...looking at the chart I notice that we started on this road in the early 1970s, about the time the EPA was inaugurated. Thanks, Nixon!

* * *

Classic Democrat!

...there's this movie out about Martin Luther King Jr in Selma, and it paints LBJ as siccing J. Edgar Hoover on MLK, and the libs are all up in arms over it because LBJ was, of course, the Great (socialist) Society guy.

But of course he was just as racist as all the other southern Democrats were.

Hat tip to WEER'D for the image.

* * *

"Just what the hell is 'dead metal'...?" (edited a bit, but otherwise the quote's a quote.)

Bad writing abounds. No one is safe.

* * *

Someone left his gun and never came back for it, and so it sat...for about a hundred years. Holy crap what a neat story.

* * *

Today wasn't too bad a day, I have to say. I had to drag myself to work, and ended up drinking most of a can of sugar-free NOS (even though its flavor puts one in the mind of goat piss) because I really needed to wake up.


On the plus side, it was an 8-hour day at work, and I got a lunch break, so that worked out rather well.

* * *

Tomorrow is errand day, and one of the errands is a job interview. Whee!

...I am finishing too many posts with "Whee!" but I don't know what else to say. Oh well.

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