atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4547: Bagel sandwich

Mrs. Fungus has me buying bagels again, and when she hit the store yesterday she bought ham and cheese and salami. So I toasted a bagel, put ham and cheese and salami on it, and nuked it for 30 seconds. Result: delicious.

* * *

So I did a little checking, and learned that the router here in the bunker is Wireless G.

G has been superseded at least twice now, by N and AC. Furthermore, G has a problem with its backwards compatibility with B, so if you're running any B devices on a G network, throughput suffers mightily.

N routers are pretty inexpensive these days, and with a bandwidth of about 300 Mbps one of them ought to work fine.

...the other thing: what is the wired speed of this thing? Floristica (and Mrs. Fungus' machine) have gigabit Ethernet ports, and the switch is a gigabit Ethernet switch, but if the router is not running at that speed, what's the point? (Wonder if I could plug the modem into the switch and have that work? Probably not.)

* * *

Rain, sleet, snow in the forecast, and Sunday says "100% chance" of precipitation. Well, so far this winter's been mild compared to last year. By this time last year we'd gotten an average of 1-2 inches of snow per day. That's three feet by the end of January, and if we hadn't had little melt-offs during the winter we would have had nearly eight feet of snow on the ground by the time it finally stopped snowing every week, in April.

...which is good, because I simply do not have any f-ing energy. I don't know what it is, but I wake up tired and I work tired and I come home tired, and I go to bed and sleep, and the cycle repeats. I don't have any trouble staying awake, but everything just feels heavy and difficult. Having to run the snowblower every five to seven days would just make me more miserable.

"Wouldn't it be funny," I told myself yesterday, "if I turned out to have walking pneumonia?" And the answer that came back was, "No, it would not be funny, not even a little bit." It would explain the symptoms, including the tightness in my chest and the coughing; I've had it before, back in 1999, so I'm not speaking through an anatomically unlikely orofice.

And it's equally possible that I'm just a big vagina. Oh well.

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