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#4552: Changing data made 2014 hot, not actual weather.

Borepatch has the link, but the chart he shows explains it all quickly and easily.

Take historical data, change it so that you cool the past and warm the present, and presto! 2014 was the hottest year EVAH!

...even though it wasn't.

* * *

How many people use 2.5 GB of data on their cell phones?

I suppose I ought to find an application which will tell me how much data bandwidth I use per month on my computer. I expect it's a nontrivial amount, considering that I play WoW and blog and surf daily.

The only data I have for my Internet use is from 2011, back when I was torrenting anime a lot as well as playing WoW etc. September of 2011, I used 5.1 GB worth of data. The prior month had been double that, and July '11 had been almost 40 GB. (December '11 was some 160 GB thanks to having a torrent box running 24/7.) Considering that I no longer torrent much of anything, the download of the movie yesterday probably took as much bandwidth as Mrs. Fungus and I normally use in a month or so, accessing Intartubzorz with computers and tablets.

...but 2.5 GB on a phone? If you're using your phone as a mobile hot spot, I could see that. I don't know how many TracFones have the capability, but it makes sense if you think of it that way.

The real problem I have here is how cellular service providers treat the concept of "unlimited". To me, "unlimited" means there are no limits, so if I use 2.5 GB in a month or 250 GB it's all at the same speed and cost if I am using a truly "unlimited" plan.

A plan that doesn't cost me more but slows way the hell down after 2.5 GB is not "unlimited". It's 2.5 GB of broadband, after which I get dialup speeds.

Well, it's not really my problem, I suppose.

* * *

They're rebooting Ghostbusters with an all-girl crew. I fail to see how it can be superior to the original.


...once again proving that Hollywood is 100% bereft of any creativity whatsoever.

* * *

Cleaned the bathroom yesterday. I need to find a better way to clean the tile grout than taking a scouring sponge, folding it, and using the newly-created corner of the scouring pad. This method is very hard on the fingers.

I have to wonder if a brass brush would do, or would that scratch the tile? I need something with very stiff bristles but which won't erode the grout or scratch the tile. Metal is probably out, so I need to find a narrow brush with very stiff plastic bristles. (Gee, if only someone made something like that, a brush designed to clean a hard surface in tight confines. Something inexpensive and commonly available, so I don't need to order it.)

Not that the tile is in any great shape; the surround needs to be redone. Part of the problem stems from how it was installed; where the tile meets the tub, there's a huge gap (1/4"-ish) that was filled with grout. The grout is less than waterproof, and over time enough water seeped past it that the drywall got moldy and died even with caulking. Still, I don't want to make the thing look worse.

I did, however, manage to get it mostly clean, which will have to do until I figure out a better method.

Meanwhile, it's looking like I'm going to have to drain the water heater. We're not getting as much hot water out of it as we should before the water runs cold. I'm hoping it's a case of crud accumulation, especially since the water comes out nice and hot; it's just that there's not as much of it as there formerly was.

This heater is seven years old, so it should not need replacing, but if I really need to I can install a new one myself.

Seriously: I know how to seal pipes and check for leaks (and why you don't use an open flame for the latter), and any new water heater would have a pilot light like the present model, and none of it is rocket science. The biggest problem I can see from here is having enough room (and muscle) to move the old one out and the new one in since it's in a tight spot in the basement. Doubtless there would be a great deal of fiddling and cussing around the job, and it would probably take me about twice as long as a pro, but I could do it.

...but I'd really rather not, since I'm tired enough as it is and a new heater would cost at least $400. *sigh*

* * *

This is the last week of January, which means we're due for February in just a few days.


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