atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4558: Okay, maybe it IS happening after all.

So after the last post I went out and did more work on the driveway, and to my surprise once I got past where the cars are parked I was able to get it pretty well clear, but for the bottom six feet or so.

...which I took care of by running the Jeep over repeatedly. Mom Fungus didn't raise any fools.

Snowblower started running badly a while after I emptied the gas can into it, which leads me to think I need to drain the gas tank and refill it with fresh fuel (even though the 2-cycle oil has StaBil in it. Argh etc).

Anyway, the driveway is clear, and it only took me about two hours, all told. Of course, my arms are about as limp as the spaghetti I had for dinner last night and I am broiling in my own waste heat, but it beats paying $40-$50-$60 to have someone in a nice warm truck spend 10 minutes pushing the snow aside.

Egad! My sophisticated heart!!!

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