atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4559: Holy crap was I TIRED.

Earlier today I tried reading this post by Karl Denninger, which is about Googe paying Ad Block not to block ads...and I couldn't understand the significance of what he was saying.

It's a short post about a subject that's not complex, but I couldn't figure it out, and finally decided I didn't care that much about it anyway and went on to other things.

After I finished with the driveway and the last post, I played a little bit of WoW, but I was falling asleep at the keyboard. I gave up and went to bed for 3.5 hours, sleeping like a man drugged.

Just now I reread the post and it made perfect sense to me: Googe is paying Ad Block to allow ads from Googe through, and Ad Block will suffer a hit to its credibility because when your product is supposed to block ads, it should not let ads through no matter how much money you'll make on the deal.

Holy crap was I tired.

...wait, I said that already. Never mind.

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