atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4561: The true face of islam

Borepatch compares ISIS to Nazi Germany, and he is not wrong. There is only one crucial difference: Nazi Germany hid the worst atrocities it committed. They weren't distributing movies of Buchenwald and Treblinka and Auschwitz. ISIS, however, is broadcasting their atrocities to the world.

Where are the mass denunciations from islamic clerics? I don't see any imams standing up and saying, "No, this is not what islam is about! These men may be invoking mohammed when they kill, but they are not muslims!"

And if you look at the videos they take, the killers wear masks to hide their identities. Not only are they murderous savages, but they are cowards who won't stand behind their actions. If you're really following the teachings of your prophet, if you really think you are doing the work of your god, then why are you too ashamed and afraid to show your face, savage?

That's the true face of islam, right there: a group of cowards in balaclavas, setting a helpless man on fire.

Jordan is going to execute their ISIS prisoners, as promised. Good. Good. This is how it must be, because these filthy barbarians don't understand any other language but violence.

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