atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4566: MIsc

Brian Williams claimed to have come under fire while riding in a helicopter during Desert Storm. This turned out to be not true. Gee, a lying journalist--what a surprise.


I'm tired of people using the Crusades as justification for jihad. Besides, it's wrong; the Crusades happened after islamic savages attacked and subjugated Christian. And the Crusaders were no more vicious and savage than their foes. If you know anything about medieval torture and punishment, you learn that people who were to be executed for their crimes suffered mightily in the process of dying.

The difference is, the west has since given up executing people in the most brutal ways imaginable. It's been hundreds of years since western Christianity thought burning someone alive (say, at the stake) was perfectly a-ok. The islamic savages, though?

And, incidentally, the Spanish Inquisition? Spain had to be liberated from islamic control. Spanish Inquisition came afterwards. Which do you think the people of Spain preferred, islam or Catholicism?


So now some idiots in California are discussing the application of postmodern gender theory to agriculture. Yeah, because plants can totally be transgendered, right? I mean, take a look at that ear of corn, and realize that it wishes mightily that it had been born a girl rather than a boy!

This is, hopefully, the terminal stage for deconstructionism, because my sanity can not take much more of this ineffable stupidity.


All I need to do now is have a nice day off. I'm getting a start on that project right now.

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