atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4569: SUCCESS!!!!!!!!111one-one

So: after leaving Og's around 4, and leaving the tractor supply store around 4:20, and getting home perhaps 4:45 or so, I dove in to work on the thing.

I have crappy cell phone pictures, and a couple of cruddy cell phone videos.

First thing I did was to pop the lower bearing into the freezer and the housing into the oven. I don't think I had enough temperature differential because they wouldn't go together, so I put the bearing back in the freezer and let it chill for half an hour. Baked the housing at 190, then tried to assemble them--got the bearing in but still had to tap it the rest of the way home with a drift. No problem. Got the snap ring in, then worked on putting the bearing back on the transmission.

That took some finagling, but I finally got that on and the snap ring in; then mounted the transmission to the motor and tub mount, and got that assembly mounted to the base.

Removed the upper bearing from the tub. This required a lot of swearing and the use of my slide hammer; I'd managed to get it about 1/8" out but no farther. Having learned a bit from watching Og work this afternoon, I tapped the bearing back in, sanded down the top edge of it, and then was able to pull it out with the slide hammer.

Put the new upper bearing in; I was able to push it in with my hands and it only required a little persuasion to get the last 1/8" in. No problem.

Greased it, mounted the tub, realized that I'd forgotten a washer, pulled the tub off, installed washer, put tub back on, tightened its three mounting bolts. I had some trouble with the drain hose--specifically the hose clamp--but I threatened it with replacement and it then behaved.

I installed the tub seal, using (as Og suggested) some Vaseline to pack it in order to keep it from leaking in the interim while we're saving up for the tub seal assembly. Next was the trunnion, which went on with only a little fussing, and then I mounted the inner tub to the trunnion. The tub cover went on with a little persuasion from the rubber mallet.

Sides and back next, got them mounted, then worked on installing the wiring harness. That necessitated my unscrewing the left side panel again, but that was three screws and easy-peasy. Got the wiring harness back in, as if it had never been out, and made sure all hoses and wires were connected properly.

Set about installing the lid. Ground screw attached, inlet hose attached, pressure hose for the level switch attached, all fittings and connectors secure.

Moved it back a bit, plugged it in, set it to spin, and tried it--got a buzzing noise from the motor but no motion. Oh fuck. Unplugged the thing, checked the wiring, checked to see if I wired the capacitor in backwards--no joy. Finally I disconnected the motor and double-checked its connections, then reconnected it; when I plugged in the machine and tried the spin, it worked fine. Motor check: okay.

Installed front panel, noticed that I'd somehow bent the left-side panel--oops--got everything lined up and buttoned down. Connected all hoses, moved washer back into place, turned on water--nothing bad happening, so I turned the washer to "cold wash" and pulled the knob.

Water began filling the tub.

I alerted Mrs. Fungus to the fact that the washer was now in one piece and undergoing a function test, then threw into the washer all the red t-shirts I'd gotten dirty while working on it.

I busied myself tidying up my tools and organizing them for being put away, wanting to stay until the spin cycle started to ensure everything was working correctly.

When the spin cycle started, it sounded like a brand fucking new washing machine:


As expected, some water trickled out from under the machine during the spin cycle. That's the tub seal; it really does need to be replaced. That's probably what killed the lower bearing--a water leak--but now that I've done it, I can do it again if I have to, and it should be easier because this time there won't be 17 years' worth of crud holding everything together.

For crying out loud, it's almost as if I have the skills to fix stuff.

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