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#4570: Yes, as long as you idiots keep making up crap numbers

The latest global warming headline from Arse Technica, the Global Warming resource:

"Temperature data is not 'the biggest scientific scandal ever
Do we have to go through this every year?"

And I have already given the answer, in my headline.

Arse insists:
... almost none of the records are continuous. Weather stations have moved, they've changed the time of day where the temperature-of-record is taken, and they've replaced old thermometers with more modern equipment. All of these events create discontinuities in the record of each location, and the processing is used to get things into alignment, creating a single, unified record.
And somehow it's mere coincidence that all this "processing" makes the past cooler and the present hotter in every last case:

...because of course the older instruments never erred on the high side. No, they always reported the temperature as being too low.

So let's look at what the reality is:

Vox Day reminds us:
There has been some discussion about the discrepancy between the post-1979 satellite data and the surface-temperature record, as the former shows no sign of global warming while the latter has recently begun to do so. Now we have the answer explaining that discrepancy; the surface-temperature record has been corrupted and is false.
And Borepatch puts in his two cents, and he includes an important graph:

That graph shows the magnitude of temperature data adjustments with respect to what year they were recorded. In other words, starting in about 1960 the adjustments rapidly increase with each passing year, from zero to over half a degree. So for 1990, for example, they added half a degree to the recorded temperatures, while in 1970 they added only about 0.2 degrees.

So does Arse Technica mean to tell us that in 1970 thermometers were more accurate than thermometers in 1990? Twenty years of technological progress yielded scientific instruments which were less precise than their older counterparts? "Yeah, that brand-new digital thermometer is all right, but damn it sure as hell isn't as precise as the mercury thermometer it replaced. That's all right, though; we'll just add in the temperature difference, and HOLY SHIT LOOKIT THE GLOBAL WARMING!"

Somehow, I doubt it.

Borepatch adds, "So the data are fiddled to the point that over 80% of the reported warming cannot be found in the data as recorded. It's in the adjustments to the data after the fact." Emphasis added, because that is the point that Arse Technica so cavalierly dismisses with its oh-so-weary "Do we have to go through this every year?"

Damn right we do. We'll keep on doing it until climate "scientists" stop making shit up and stop lying about it. If you don't want us to call you on your bullshit, stop trying to feed it to us and start doing real science. We might listen to you if you weren't all involved in a massive climatology circle-jerk of made-up numbers and comic book science.

* * *

Monty brings the DOOM! and not a moment too soon.

NYC has some sage advice for those who have benefitted most from Obamanomics. Locking lug nuts FTW!

* * *

Meanwhile Jordan continues to demonstrate that it has the biggest nutsack of any nation on the planet by attacking ISIS in detail. 56 targets destroyed in three days--not bad considering the source. Jordan, at least, is not fooling around, and is doing what we should do whenever savages harm Americans.

It's the only language the barbarians understand.

* * *

...I still can't believe how f-ing quiet the washing machine is. Hell, I can't believe I got it all back together and didn't have any parts left over.

As Og pointed out--both in person and in comments--this machine is built to a pretty robust standard. Its transmission has a cast iron gearbox, the whole thing uses SAE hardware (rather than metric) and the common availability of the lower bearing is very impressive. Turns out this machine was built in April of 1994, and it probably represents the last gasp of appliance manufacturing in North America.

* * *

I managed to get through my Friday, and now my weekend is here. I'm going to do everything in my power to enjoy it.

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