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#4572: News of the weird and stupid and whatever else.

Boston has fallen!" says WEER'D. Fallen! Fallen is Boston the great!

...they've gotten too much snow, and the city is closed. WTF, they're right next to an ocean--shovel it into the f-ing water. That's where it came from anyway....

* * *

Vox Day comments on how desperate scientists are to eliminate the Big Bang, because a steady state universe is much more convenient for all of them:
Let's see. The evidence suggests that "the law of physics appear to break down". That would be non-natural, perhaps one might say, "supernatural". So obviously, logic and evidence must be ruled out of bounds in favor of math that adds up correctly!
...because you cannot develop an equation for "Let there be light."

* * *

Radio Shack has shuffled off its mortal coil. ...they shuffled off coils (inductors) a long time ago, along with resistors, capacitors, transistors, and other electronic components. When RS tried to become a consumer electronics store, that's when the end began for them, because they couldn't compete on price (and didn't try!) and there was absolutely nothing distinguishing them from other stores that sold consumer electronics.

* * *

The FDA has jumped the shark. Apparently the FDA isn't really doing the job it was created to do, something I find absolutely un-surprising. Medicines, treatments, vaccines, and such combine into a multi-billion dollar industry, and the FDA is just as subject to corruption as any other government agency. With a little bit of digging I'd bet you'd find the same kind of revolving door that exists between the government and the financial industry, or the government and the transportation safety industry. And no one is going to jeopardize the gravy train just because a few proles in flyover country get sick and die.

* * *

"Do we have to go through this every year?" As long as asshats like Bill Nye use early autumn photographs to claim, mid-winter, that global warming is going to destroy us all, you bet your ass you will.

Actual current snowfall at Jackson Hole: 23 feet, about what you'd expect for a mountaintop.

* * *

Raspberry Pi 2 can be shut down with a xenon strobe or a laser pointer. So cover this one voltage regulator with something optically opaque, and you'll be fine. Or, you know, put the damned thing in some kind of casing.

* * *

$10,000 for an Ethernet cable. It's 12 meters long--39 feet--and it's guaranteed to be perfect for transmitting audio data.

This is so stupid I don't know where to begin. All I can do is sigh wearily and say it again: with a digital signal, as long as the receiver can reliably distinguish the ones from the zeros, it doesn't matter how clean the signal is. $5 worth of Cat5e and a couple of $0.05 RJ-45 ends will do the job just as well as this snake oil bullshit.

*sigh* Some people just have more money than brains, I guess.

* * *

Hey, I only had twelve sex parties in three years! I'm not decadent or anything! I mean, come on, that's only a sex party every three months! You can't say he's a degenerate!

Speaking as a man who has never hosted--or attended--a sex party, let me say that this man is very firmly one of the people! He's obviously a victim of circumstance. After all, you're not a real pervert unless you host one of these kinds of shindigs at least every other month. You know, like Hugh Hefner or someone!

* * *

What is this I don't even--

Let me lay out the timeline for you:

1) Someone buys a goat, intending to sacrifice it.
2) The goat is taken to the roof of a building for the sacrifice.
3) The goat escapes and jumps off the roof.
4) The goat falls six floors and achieves terminal velocity.
5) The goat lands on a human child, killing himself and the child.
6) The goat is therefore the escape goat in this imbroglio.

...yeah, no "gun death" here.


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