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#4574: The binge

Some time ago, Mrs. Fungus ordered American Horror Story seasons 1-3. She got a smokin' good deal on the set, a significant discount over normal retail. It took a while but they arrived with Monday's mail, and yesterday we decided to watch a couple episodes of the first season.

...ended up watching all of it at one sitting. We didn't like the main characters too much and the story took a few episodes to get going, but eventually it did and--yeah, thirteen eps at one sitting, with a, uh, intermission for...other things.

That meant we were up until 6 AM, something I couldn't have done if I didn't have today off.

So, yeah, it's entertaining television.

* * *

Incidentally, do not take yesterday's discussion of the ongoing economic depression to mean that I intend to give up and go on the dole. I don't; but over the past year I've frequently wondered why I bother trying to do things the right and responsible way when all it ever does is give me pain and heartache.

The only answer I have--and it's a good answer--is, "Because it matters that I do." It is by the grace of God that I continue to have the strength to keep punching.

* * *

The one useful thing I accomplished yesterday was to write a couple pages' worth of...something. It's a story set on an agricultural world in the far future, and I think what I have written is the beginning of the first half of a novella set on that world. The second half will be about the kid building a house out of a shipping container and other found materials.

Lacking, in all this, is why anyone should care about it all.

Okay--the first half, the main character is the curator of a world-spanning operation that's entirely automated; his job is to solve problems the AIs can't handle, and to provide a brake against machine evolution, because it was found that without at least one human being around the machines would begin to auto-evolve. (If he dies, the machines all stop until another human comes.) Humans have very long lifespans in this world, so the fact that he's been there for 173 years really isn't a hardship--and he's living very well--but it's worrisome when the ships stop coming for 140 years with no explanation whatsoever. Particularly when the food being grown on that world is vital to the continued existence of billions of humans on other worlds.

So I know why the ships have stopped coming, and I'm working on getting around to revealing that, but I want to get a few more pages out of all this, if I can.

Possibility: this world is the world on which machines auto-evolved, and it had to be bombed back to scorched earth. It was then terraformed (or re-terraformed) and put right back into operation. Then, while scrounging around in junk heaps, the lad finds things left over from the original configuration? I don't know. Maybe.

Well, I'm working on it.

* * *

I saw a report, some weeks ago, on how binge-watching series will make you depressed and isolated. I think it's another case of media morons reversing cause and effect; people who binge-watch series are probably doing so because they're depressed, or have nothing else to do.

So many of these studies that are done and reported on are merely the establishments of correlations--look, we found a correlation between watching eighteen episodes of Mythbusters at one sitting and being a complete goofball--but correlation does not imply causality and you can't say that watching too much of Jamie and Adam will relegate you to Goofball City. It merely means that complete goofballs are A&J's biggest demographic, is all. It doesn't mean anything else.

So, depressed people wanting to escape from reality for a while, and enjoy a world where their problems don't exist, tend to dive into TV series and watch lots and lots of episodes at one sitting, because it makes them feel better. Color me surprised; I've done it myself, plenty of times. Escapism--what a concept.

This kind of thing is why I don't watch the news any longer. It just irritates me.

* * *

The Jeep is white, but of course there are different values of "white".

Looking at it against the color of snow I notice that the Jeep's white tends to the red side. Snow, of course, is more blue. The result is that the Jeep's color is a warmer white.

I don't know why any of this matters, but too bad.

* * *

Wonderduck posted something really, really good.

* * *

Incidentally, that link yesterday to Borepatch's post on Radio Shack? It includes a link to old RS catalogs on-line, which is an awfully nice stroll down memory lane for me--especially the ones from the early 1980s.

Something else I noticed: RS's prices, in the early 1980s, for home electronics are not wildly different than the prices are today. Okay, RS was always overpriced, but a dollar in 2015 is worth significantly less than a dollar was in 1981, and if prices have remained more-or-less constant, do the math.

* * *

What a gungy, dreary February day.

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