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#4577: Now that I'm no longer angry, the re-creation of the lost post.

Won't be as good as the original was. Sorry.


Union babies gonna be babies. This is another look at the dockworkers on the west coast, going on strike because they want raises.

Average dockworker makes $70 an hour. Meanwhile I'd shit myself with excitement if someone offered me a full-time job that paid a quarter of that.

I think all those assholes need to be fired and the union busted, and then those high-paying jobs could be given to people who would appreciate them. Shit.

* * *

Boston is getting all the global warming this winter, I guess. Oh, and:
Things have gotten so bad that they're just straight out dumping snow into Boston Harbor. They've tried to avoid doing this, because of the chemicals used to treat the roads, but there's simply so much snow on the ground and coming that they cannot get rid of it fast enough.
What chemicals are they using? Around here we use salt which--guess what--the ocean is full of. Seems to me that just about anything else is less cost-effective (we mine salt by the ton) and environmentally unfriendly.

Well, it's not my problem.

* * *

President Jihadi parties with terrorists. I'm talking about admitted domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. But we knew that the terrorist Ayers and Obama were friends, going back a long way.

And why shouldn't Obama take it easy? I mean, it's not like anyone can fire him for poor job performance. He's got it made in the shade; pretend to be the country's chief executive and shuffle all the hard stuff onto staffers. No one in the press ever asks him a hard question, or makes him even the slightest bit uncomfortable by pressing him on his answers. He's got the world's largest private jet to take him wherever he wants to go in pampered luxury, as well as a private security force which will very carefully help him hide whatever unsavory behavior he wishes to engage in.

And even if he were kicked out of office tomorrow, he has enough money that he could continue to live a life of luxury even if he never received another dollar of income in his life. (I originally wrote "worked another day" there, but Obama has never worked, so I changed it.)

* * *

The GOP is not your friend. It's just the moderate-right wing of the Government-Bank Party. Let's face it: the GOP is not interested in reducing spending. As the original article Ace links to says, "The last time the GOP had complete control over the government, 2003-07, it massively expanded Medicare and enacted more pork-barrel spending than any prior Congress in history."

Ace's conclusion--that we should stop defending the tax rates of the wealthiest 1%--make a lot of sense to me. Certainly the wealthiest 1% don't give a rat's ass about any of the smaller people. These are all people who know each other, went to the same schools, move in the same circles, go to the same parties, and never, never, ever have a conversation with "the lesser people" that does not involve telling them how to serve their food or clean their clothing. There is always plenty of money and plenty of opportunity for these people, regardless of how the rest of the country is doing, and they never go without anything unless it's a personal choice. Certainly they are never forced to play the "which bill gets paid first" game; these people pay others to take care of all that business for them. They live in the same kinds of places, NYC or LA or DC, and never in places like Des Moines or Tulsa or Kansas City. They are paid more money in a year than most families will ever earn in their lifetimes.

So the next time Warren Buffet or someone like him says, "My taxes are too low!" the proper response is to say, "You're right. Let's raise taxes on all the richest 1% of the country to, say, 50%. Or how about 75%?" Make them yelp. Maybe if we do that--maybe if we make them pay for it--these people will stop advocating socialist ideas like Obamacare and TARP and stimulus and QE and all the other asshattery that's gotten us into the mess we're in. And even if it doesn't, at least the damned deficit will be lower.

The problem is, of course, that most of the politicians are in that 1%, and they will never vote to raise their own taxes. Still, it's a nice thought.

* * *

So in January, apparently I was the biggest seller on the team, something like 15 tech supports and 11 services, which barely edged out the next-best seller. For this I got 100 "Path to Excellence" points or--as I call them--"Pellet Points". You are awarded pellet points at your management's discretion; they're used as incentives (in lieu of money that can be spent anywhere, on things like utilities and food) and the recipient exchanges these points for merchandise (usually branded, things with the corporate logo) from an on-line catalog.

Kind of like the Target messenger bag I got after I was there for three years. That bag probably cost about $8 in bulk.

...anyway the store manager went around handing out pellet point cards, sometime in early February, and so I now have two 100-point cards. One is on my desk; I'm not sure where the other one is...and once I have a moment where I can stop worrying about important things I'll try to figure out what I did with the other one, go to the web site, and enter the car PINs so I can maybe buy a hat or a t-shirt. Because of course I absolutely can't wait to come home, take off my Geek Squad branded clothing, and put on more clothing with the corporate logo! That just excites the shit out of me!


I might be a lot more excited about my job if I earned enough money to live on. I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, I've just about had it with the full timers I work with. Here's why:
Full-time coworker: Hey, what time do you leave today?

Me: Uh, three o'clock.

FTC: Lucky! I wish I could leave early!
I've decided that the next time I have that conversation, here will be my response:
Me: Okay, tell you what! Let's trade jobs. I'll get the full-time paycheck--so I can pay all my bills on time--and the medical insurance and the other stuff, and you get to leave early. How's that sound?
I mean, no one likes being on the receiving end of such sarcasm, but I really am starting to get fed up with that bullshit. I am not lucky to be leaving "early". I will admit that I am lucky to have a freaking job in the worst economy since the 1930s but I am not lucky enough to be working full time. So put a fucking sock in it, already.

(I do usually say something wry like, "It's not really all that lucky," but I don't think they get the point.)

Today a client said to me, "I don't get paid like you people do!" This was a white middle-aged woman who works for a university. I would have loved to ask her: Okay--how old is the car you drive? When did you buy it? Did you buy it new? Do your bills get paid on time? Are you able to save? Do you have medical insurance? if I'm standing behind that counter pulling down $50k a year or something. This woman certainly didn't come across as someone who earns minimum wage. I am fortunate enough to have am hourly wage above minimum, but that doesn't make up for the fact that me being in a full time job would mean less money troubles for my wife and I, not no money troubles.

Argh etc.

* * *

Well, it is February, after all. February and November are the worst months of the year.

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