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Megumi's Diary...again.

It's kind of funny how the creative mind works.

Yesterday I scanned all 8 of the extant pages of the work, and shut down the computer.

--you know, I've had this scanner since 2000, and only yesterday did I discover the zoom function which allows you to zoom in on the part of the document you wish to scan. I wanted that function. I looked for it in all the menus. Finally I tried to use software from another scanner to get this function (didn't work) and the damn software for this thing had it all along, right in front of my bloody nose. Sometimes I wonder how smart I actually am....

Anyway, I went to bed, and looked over the pages one more time...then got the pencil out and spent 40 minutes adding another page-and-a-half. So I had to get back up, turn the computer back on, and scan the new pages. *sigh* If I hadn't taken a moment to pause to figure out what the next panel should look like, I probably would have drawn all afternoon.

I managed to do a little work on it during break times at work, so it's now over ten pages. One page is just vague circles and lines since I need references for the poses, but I have parts of the next page after that one.

Ten pages of moderately detailed layouts since Wednesday--well, early Thursday morning, actually--so it works out to about 2.5 pages per day.

"Moderately detailed" means I draw detailed faces, hair, and most of the clothing, and enough background to show the setting of the scene. Most of the time I won't draw detailed hands unless their action is vital to the scene--for example, on page 9, we see Megumi's best-friend-to-be, Jun Mizuhara, giving their homeroom teacher the finger, so I drew that. Meanwhile, her other hand is a vague circle clutching the handle of her briefcase. Some of my layout pages are essentially finished pages which only need cleaning up, inking, and text. Others are just collections of loose shapes and text boxes.

For fun I hauled out my big set of markers and colored a bunch of American Dawn pages. Although I made some mistakes here and there, the end result doesn't look bad at all. It turns out that if you just think carefully about how light behaves, you can get pretty good results. And since light tends to travel only in straight lines, that makes it simpler.

Light "tends to travel" only in straight lines???

Yeah. Einstein figured out, about a century ago, that light's path through space can be curved in an intense enough gravity field: since space curves, the light beam curves as well. The light is actually going perfectly straight, but because the space it's traversing is curved, "perfectly straight" is more a matter of opinion than hard fact. If you draw a "perfectly straight" line around the circumference of a cylinder, it will form a circle or an oval (or even an open spiral).

H4><0r--0r 1337--sp34k

I fir57 134rn3d 2 7yp3 1337-sp34k d|_|r1ng ch475 w17h \/1c70r. n0w 1 ph1nd I c4n pr377y m|_|ch 7yp3 i7 @ \/\/1ll. i7'5 n07 p4r7ic|_|l4rly h4rd; i7'5 m0r3 l1k3 4 di4l3c7 7h4n 4ny7h1ng 3l53....

TRANSLANTION: I first learned to type leet-speak during chats with Victor. Now I find I can pretty much type it at will. It's not particularly hard; it's more like a dialect than anything else....

But it's possible that I need to get a life.

Even probable.

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