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#4578: That one may have been a bit too sarcastic

Today I had some computer training to do, so I knocked it out.

One course was on "de-escalation", which is to say, strategies for dealing with asshat entitled customers who want all their junk fixed for free. One of the "tenets" of this is for the agent to assume that he's always the one in the wrong: "Assume every problem is my fault unless proven otherwise."

That's such a fatuous load of crap. When some idiot wrecks his computer and insists that I have to fix it for free because his other computer has an accidental damage policy (ADH) on it and the salesman said it covers three computers--confusing what he was told about ADH and tech support--how the hell is that my fault? When someone else is angry because her tech support contract doesn't cover repairs to her screen when her kid drops it off the bed, how is that my fault?

Looking at the comments for the training module, I saw that I wasn't alone, and I was already in a bad enough mood from a completely unwarranted dressing-down my boss gave me for trying to completely identify the problem with a client's computer, so when I was done with the horseshit this was my comment:
ABSOLUTELY it's my fault that the client forgot his e-mail password and now cannot log into his computer. Also, it's my fault that Pompeii was eradicated by a volcano in 79 AD. Pretty much I am all that's wrong with the world. Just call me "Thomas Covenant" because I work at Geek Squad!
As I said, probably a bit too sarcastic, but WTF, I stand by it.

* * *

Karl Denninger has 13 reasons anthropogenic global warming is BULLSHIT. Numbers 11 and 12 FTW.

* * *

Of late I've been watching a lot of YouTube, mainly the 1puglife videos...and I'm not sure why.

In one pair of videos, 1puglife goes to a tractor boneyard to get some parts, mainly front ends. He needed an acetylene torch to get one off, which is why he had to come back the next day.

...and the various videos in his channel really make me want to build a go-kart of my own.

Less entertaining are the videos in his other channel, "The High Channel", where he employs various mechanisms to smoke pot and talk about things and answer viewer questions. That's just one of my things: I think marajuana use is stupid. (He lives in Ontario, and I don't know what the legality of pot use is there, but I'd wager it's more legal there than in the US since he's, y'know, taking videos of himself using the stuff and posting them in a public forum.) And because I think it's so stupid, I always find it disappointing when someone who strikes me as otherwise a pretty intelligent person turns out to be a pothead.

Well, it's really not my problem what he does with his spare time and cash, is it? I can watch his videos, or not. In a free country what you do in your own home is your business, regardless of how stupid I may think it is. Kind of ironic that a soft-socialist country like Canada is more free than the USA, which still bills itself as "the land of the free".

As for the go-kart, I want to build one with a go pedal and a stop pedal, without gears or any other stuff--just a 6 HP engine and a centrifugal clutch, four wheels, controls, and a seat, basically.

The other idea I had: it turns out to be a trivial exercise to mount a weedeater or chain saw motor to a bicycle, and it can be done without welding. I'd like to do that to the old Roadmaster mountain bike I bought in 1994-ish, because it would be fun; all I need is the actual motor, and I can cobble nearly all of the rest together with stuff I have on hand.

If I can ever learn how to weld, though....

* * *

One of the things I noticed about El-Hazard is that it has PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports on it. I have to wonder if it could support my old massive IBM 1390 keyboard, because if I can use that monster with El-Hazard I am going to have the ultimate writing machine in very short order.

But that keyboard is why the great upgrade project of 2007 failed; when I plugged the same keyboard into Cephiro--which was right out of the box--the thing wouldn't boot, but it booted fine with the keyboard that came with it. So the IBM keyboard may not work with El-Hazard, either. *sigh*

Well, when I have time for it, we'll see.

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