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#4579: Interstellar SFX led to science!

I mentioned this in at least one of my posts about Interstellar, about how the software required to accurately generate the scenes near the black hole turned out to be scientifically useful.

That is when you know that your visuals are accurate, let me tell you....

* * *

One of the biggest wastes of the Clinton years was the canceling of the Superconducting Supercollider. If that had been constructed, finding the Higgs boson would have happened in the US rather than Europe, and probably about a decade sooner to boot.

Best quote:
$12B to build the SSC.
The TARP bailout could have built 65 of them.
Or we could have hacked $12 billion out of TARP and still not prevented the depression, but at least we'd have a kickass scientific instrument. In fact, the $12 billion spent on building the SSC would have done more to stimulate the economy than the entire rest of TARP did.

* * *

I wonder when Interstellar is going to be released on BD? Can't wait.

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