atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4589: Learning to weld

The precinct was pretty much dead after 8 PM tonight--I had one pickup from 8-9 PM, and otherwise nothing--so I watched a YouTube video on welding, around the other tasks I was attending to.

The video I watched features spot welds on a single piece of steel, and I think I understand (at least a little) what I have been doing wrong, so what I'd like to do now is to acquire some scrap steel and try making spot welds, and see how I do.

It's not rocket science and MIG (and/or flux core) welding is about the simplest welding you can do, so theoretically I ought to be able to handle it.

I've had this welder for almost ten years for crying out loud, and I'm no closer to being able to use it than I was when I first pulled it out of the box.

I told Mrs. Fungus that I wanted to build a go kart once we were both working full time, and she said, "Why don't you build two?" So I guess I will, and then get a smallish trailer from Harbor Freight to haul them with, so we can take them places where we can use them.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I started watching the second season of American Horror Story last night. It was late, so we only watched the first episode, but it looks like it'll be plenty creepy.

* * *

Karl Denninger has a post up about coronary artery disease, and it turns out that most of the common perception about how our coronary arteries get clogged is...well...wrong.

There's a lot wrong with what we're told about it, and to be honest I'm not terribly surprised. But it's obvious that eating red meat is not the death sentence that we have been told it is.

Big surprise.

* * *

...whenever I talk with Og about building a go kart he always starts talking about things that I'm now considering "mission creep": using a motorcycle drivetrain, for example, or any of a hundred other things. What I want is a dead simple machine with go and stop pedals, one forward speed, a steering wheel, and a seat. No suspension, no shifting gears, no electrical system. You can go quite fast in a single-speed cart with a 6 HP engine, and those can be had from Harbor Freight all the time for about $100.

Though I admit to being tempted by this site which has differential rear axles for about $60. But I can't buy them now, and they won't have them forever, so I'm going to resign myself to a solid rear axle.

I do look forward to this, but the first step is learning how to weld, damn it.

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