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#4590: So it's really f-ing cold outside...

But of course an unusually weak solar maximum has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Cycle 23 peaked around the turn of the century, some 15 years ago. Cycle 24 is past its peak, which should have happened sometime in 2013, and now is on the decline.

This close to a solar maximum, though, the sun should be festooned with sunspots. Instead, there are four insignificant groups on the Earth-facing side, so small that they're nearly invisible.

I don't see how cycle 25 can be weaker than this without actually flatlining. Cripes.

* * *

The Superfish thing appears more widespread than initially thought. Problem is, there is already a trojan horse out there that includes the SSL fakery used by the Superfish software, and it seems to have been around for longer than the past week--in fact this particular trojan was discovered in December, so who knows how long it's been around?

* * *

I agree with Vox Day: I don't know why people think Mel Brooks and Woody Allen are funny, because each of them has produced exactly one movie each that made me laugh--Young Frankenstein and Sleeper, respectively. And the latter was not especially a laugh riot; I think Brooks is funnier than Allen is, but it's only a matter of degree. Given my druthers I'd watch something with Denis Leary in it.

In his post, Vox pastes a tweet from someone who begged to differ: "Yes, Annie Hall won the Oscar for no reason -_-"

Annie Hall won an Oscar because the academy awards are a politically correct circle jerk, a popularity contest in which only people with the right politics are ever even considered for an award, and Woody Allen is one of their own. (Much like the Hugo awards, only with a much more limited pool of nominations.)

Vox's point is that Jewish humor is not the do-all-be-all of comedy, and I have to agree with his point. So many of the comedians that are held up as "great" rarely make me chuckle, much less get me laughing continuously.

* * *

This is right. Why do we force our elderly people to live under these kinds of conditions? Because it keeps them "safe"? From what? Some semblance of autonomy? Brother, do you want to be kept "safe" in your declining years by the strictures of Nurse Ratchet?

Strange that this kind of thing is cropping up now, when baby boomers are fast approaching the age where senescence will land many of them in such institutions. "Don't trust anyone over 100!" will be the new rallying cry of the boomers, I expect, even as they force their nurses to help them dispose of their bong water and used prophylatics.

* * *

Owing to a variety of factors, tonight is corned beef and cabbage night. The prime factor is that Mrs. Fungus loves it. We'd probably have it at least twice a month if corned beef didn't cost so damned much.

Anyway, on Friday I stopped at the store for some sundries and saw that it was on sale, so I grabbed a nice-looking chunk, then went back to the produce aisle for cabbage, carrots, and potatos. Since I was scheduled to be off today, we decided today would be the day for a sumptuous dinner of what used to be, long ago, extra-cheap fare.

But like all of the foods that were cheap when my mother was younger, now it's hideously expensive because it's become "gourmet" and "artisanal" and a bunch of other horseshit. Chicken wings, for example, used to be the least desirable part of the chicken; now they fetch a premium because buffalo wings. Ox tail soup used to be a staple of the poor, but now ox tail can't be had for less than $8 a pound.

I mean, WTF.

Meanwhile, I haven't seen chicken breasts for less than $4 a pound in months, and it looks like that's about the regular new price of ground beef.

But there's no inflation.

* * *

Yesterday I--for the first time in two or three days--got to spend about an hour playing WoW. Things have been too busy around here for me to get to it.

Now I aim to spend some time hacking and looting. Pardon me.

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