atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4591: Well, that's not looking so good.

Copper, again. Crude oil prices are on a descending asymptote and copper is falling through the floor, and none of that means an expanding world economy.

Look: prices have remained more-or-less constant even as production was increasing. Now, suddenly, demand is falling, and the price drops because supply is constant into falling demand, which inevitably forces prices downward.

"There has been no 'recovery,'" says Karl Denninger.

Monty brings the DOOM! again and we're glad of it.

* * *

The result of the Hilary Clinton State Department's "Reset" button is a 20-megaton ICBM with Obama's name on it, literally.

Welcome to the era of "smart diplomacy". Extra emphasis on the "dip".

* * *

Crapinous day at work today, and now I've got two days off. Fuck that place.

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