atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4596: Snow, again

So when Mrs. Fungus and I left the house this afternoon, to run some errands, it was to a delightful snowfall.

Some five hours later it is still snowing and we've gotten about two inches. They say 2-4 by the time it's done. Whee!

...Mrs. Fungus picked up her new glasses again--they got the RX wrong the first time--and then I got my ears lowered considerably: instead of getting a trim, as I did the last two times, this time I went "high and tight". The hair on top is enough to comb; the rest is short. Since I expect to be interviewing in the next few weeks--or, at least, hope to--a good conservative haircut is probably better than the "hippie lite" thing I had going on for about the past year or so.

Then we drove to a restaurant, some 13 miles from the salon, at about 25-30 MPH, because snow. Saw one accident, saw evidence of at least two others, because apparently some people forgot in the past three weeks that snow is slippery. *sigh*

Ate a lot of very good food, left the restaurant, stopped at Harbor Freight on the way home to have a gander, and to get some 5-minute epoxy and some microfiber cloths for cleaning computer and TV screens. That 6.5 HP engine looks mighty tasty, let me tell you. Not far from it was a 22 HP two-cylinder monster, but let's face it--if I want that much power I can rebuild the other engine for the motorcycle and have a transmission to boot, and it'll cost a lot less than the $700 HF wants for that engine. But HF has a rather nice welding table for $70 that would do very nicely, and I wouldn't have to build anything.

Grocery store, then home, finally.

Anyway, having stuffed my belly, I feel a hell of a lot better than I have for the past couple of days. Still, I was telling my wife it would be nice if the weather reared back and dumped two more feet of snow on us, so I'd have an excuse to call off tomorrow.

Well, it's not gonna happen, is it? Oh well.

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