atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4597: Answering a point NO ONE IS MAKING

In defense of, what else, anthropogenic global warming.

"News flash," the headline snarks, "the greenhouse effect really exists."

The thing is, NO ONE denies that the greenhouse effect is real, just the same way NO ONE denies that the Earth's climate is changing. The people who want to argue that AGW is real and happening now, however, purposely misunderstand the counter-argument, because otherwise their entire worldview is endangered.

Obviously the greenhouse effect exists and is real, because as the article says, otherwise Earth would be an ice planet. No one is arguing that the greenhouse effect does not exist. What we are arguing is how much effect human activity has on it. Which, so far, appears to approximate zero.


Still, it seems worth noting that the continued increase in greenhouse energy retention measured during this time coincides with a period where the Earth's surface temperatures did not change dramatically. All that energy must have been going somewhere.
Where, pray tell, is it going, then? It's not going into the oceans, and it's not going into the air, and if there's no warming how can you say that there must be warming?

What's that, you say? "We don't really understand the atmosphere all that well?"

Then how, pray tell, can you say that "the science is settled" when it so clearly IS NOT?

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