atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4598: Need to experience the physics around black holes firsthand?

Interstellar black hole Simulator. Makes Pale Moon and Internet Explorer cough up dicks, but for me it worked in Chrome. Pretty nifty, though 1x1 rendering gave me a 16 FPS frame rate. 2x2 was more reasonable.

* * *

Had a reasonable day at work, for a change, where I wasn't being berated either by coworkers or customers--a rare day indeed--though I'm still not looking forward to tomorrow's 8-hour shift even if it does include a lunch break.

* * *

Got up early this afternoon and blew down the driveway before work. Looks like about 3-4 inches' worth of global warming fell on us--not too bad. The snow blower started on the first pull, and had little trouble with the stuff, mainly because the snow we got was very fluffy powder. It took me about fifteen minutes to clear the driveway.

More snow predicted for Sunday. Well, that's next month. Whee!

* * *

During my last hour of work tonight, client issues consisted of exactly one phone call, so I looked up a few things on YouTube and ended up watching go kart wrecks, and then demolition derby videos. WTF.

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