atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4600: It's cold, I'm tired, WTF.

-0.5° outside. I feel embalmed after work even though it wasn't too bad a day.

When Mrs. Fungus and I went out on Wednesday, I filled the Jeep's tank while we were still in Indiana. Reason: gas was $2.26 per gallon, and on our way out of the Fungal Vale I'd seen that gas in Illinois was $2.57 per gallon. Yeah, buying gas thirty cents cheaper per gallon appealed to me.

Since then, gas has dropped to about $2.46 here in the Fungal Vale, which is better but not good. Seems that most of the problem is the continuing refinery strike, which is keeping the price of gasoline higher than it would otherwise be.

* * *

Leonard Nimoy died. That's too bad, but the guy was 83 and very rich and he didn't die of a horrible disease and wasn't murdered or a suicide. Hey, it's a shame, but we all end up that way eventually.

No, I'm not going to rend my clothes and wear ashes and sackcloth over this. Yes, I do have sympathy for his family and friends in their time of mourning. Leonard Nimoy was all right, though, and it's a sad day for SF.

* * *

As for the FCC voting itself power it does not actually have, Ace correctly defines the move:

What is truly shocking is the complete disdain this Administration has for the rule of law and for our constitutional processes. They understand that these are the moves of a fascist tyranny, and they're okay with that.
After all, this is Democrats who are doing it, so it's totes okay, right? It'd be the worst thing ever if a Republican administration did it, but it's Obama, so no one cares.

* * *

Bluesun posts an observation on the demographics of gun owners in Montana.

* * *

You can download Win 7 ISO files from Microsoft if you have a valid license key. Otherwise, forget it.

* * *

On my way home from work tonight I stopped at the store to get bagels. I also bought a 2 lb chunk of chuck roast and some green peppers, which will be turned into goulash, probably on Sunday. Win.

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