atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4602: Alfred, the combat butler

One of the really nice things about Gotham is Alfred Pennyworth.

First off, Alfred isn't just a mild-mannered domestic servant. He used to be in SAS and has an interesting and mysterious past, and sometimes things come out. The first time he whipped out a pistol and started shooting was awesome.

(Title reference: Hayate no Gotoku.)

Second, in Gotham Alfred is played by Sean Pertwee, son of Doctor #3 Jon Pertwee. That's right: Alfred is Doctor Who's son! How cool is that? No wonder he's such a badass.

In general, Gotham continues to kick serious ass. I'm going to have to buy the series just because so much happens in it. I can't keep track of it all, especially since it's all spread out. For instance, I forgot all about Jim Gordon's girlfriend, the rich one with the penthouse apartment, who left him to, apparently, "find herself" or some shit like that, and who is now trying to traipse back into his life only to learn that, gee, she's been replaced. (By Morena Baccarin, no less.) It's so complex that Bruce Wayne has comparatively little screen time.

I really do enjoy the hell out of this series.

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