atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4603: Not as much as originally forecast

We got perhaps another inch of snow overnight, which is considerably less than they were saying we'd get only a few days ago.

I'm fine with this.

Work yesterday was assholes and elbows for 5.5 hours straight. The especially endearing thing was the woman who came in at 8:57 thinking that somehow we'd fix her tablet in three minutes so she could return to school today with a fully functioning device. Needless to say she was disappointed when I told her that I'd have to check it in and it would take 3-5 days at least to fix the issue she was having.

Perhaps instead of waiting until quite literally the last possible minute, you should have brought the machine in at 10 AM, or--here's a thought!--a few days earlier. Gee, I'm sorry; I left my magic wand in my other pair of pants.

A supreme effort of will prevented me from telling her that she was an idiot with absolutely no consideration for other people and that she completely lacked the ability to foresee the likely results of her poor planning. But I had to work for it.

...anyway, I managed to get through the shift, and today I am off, so I have that going for me. Four hours of work on Monday seperate me from two days off, during which I have many chores to attend to, but at least I can spread those out.

Right now I suppose I'd better get the goulash going before I fall asleep again.

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