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#4604: Your point is utterly irrelevant.

When you are informed that you must have an appointment, your insistence that you pay our salaries is utterly irrelevant. Yes, you are a customer. No, that does not mean that you are somehow more important than all the other customers.

Your status as a customer does not entitle you to stand there and berate the people behind the counter. It does not matter how much money you spend at the store (unless you are spending literal millions at our store on an annual basis, in which case you shouldn't be buying stuff at retail anyway).

Fortunately I wasn't the one being berated.

* * *

Last night, listening to the old "Bluetech" channel on Pandora, a song came on that was pretty bad, and the title was "Covered in Feces", so I gave it the old "thumbs down".


* * *

Here's a hint: satellites don't just explode. When they do, it's because something hit them.

The phrase "temperature spike" says, to me, that it was hit with some kind of laser or particle beam. And who has the industrial capacity to do that, who doesn't like us? I'd say either China or Russia, myself.

* * *

Obama versus Israel. There's talk that Israel was going to hit the Iranian nuke sites, but Obama said, "Hey, if you send planes to do that, we're going to shoot them down."

Holy shit is this guy a skunk!

* * *

Monty brings teh DOOM! again and mentions, among other things, the way Obama has been treating Israel.

* * *

So Karl Denninger has a couple posts up about the corruption in our government.

First off, cops breaking the law to catch lawbreakers. If you or I decided to put up a fake cell tower, without the right licenses, we'd go to jail. It's heap serious bad juju to transmit on radio frequencies for which you have no license to do so.

...but cops and drugs so of course no one is going to be charged with a crime, even though one has been committed. As Denninger points out, government is not exempt from the law.

Cops lie, and prosecutors lie, and the only thing saving an innocent man from decades of jail time is the fact that his wife videotaped the interaction. And of course none of the lying cops is out of a job or facing perjury charges.

* * *

This is why I do allow that there may be something linking the overuse of vaccines and autism: Merck faked vaccine studies both in terms of efficacy and safety.

* * *

Obamanomics FTW!! The rich get richer, and richer, and richer! There's no inflation, the economy is growing, and unemployment is well below 6%! Hyper-luxury car sales are at an all-time high!

Meanwhile, the middle class is being crushed. For Obama and the Democrats, this is a feature, not a bug.

* * *

Tomorrow's weather is forecast to be shitty. I think I'll go to bed and stay there.

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