atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#460: A correction.

I am told that the 14th amendment to the Constitution is what gives people born in the USA automatic citizenship.

I was wrong about it being a law, and I am grateful for the correction. Thank you!

And he's right: changing the Constitution is very hard, by design...and can you imagine the demagoguery that would result from an attempt to change that?

So: from my list of suggestions on fixing the problem of illegal immigration, strike #3.

Still, even without that one, the other suggestions would go a long way towards fixing the problem. As others have pointed out, if we can just eliminate the demand for cheap illegal immigrant labor, the problem will practically become self-solving; if illegals were unable to find work, they would hie themselves back to wherever they came from. (Or ask to be deported. Six of one....)

But there is no political will among our "leaders" to fix the problem.

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