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#4605: So, here's how it goes.

Obama's got some ideas for emplacing taxes by executive fiat. According to the Constitution, any and all revenue-related bills must originate in the House of Representatives. That's why Congress claimed that Obamacare was most definitely not a tax; the version we got came from the Senate, and the Senate may not raise taxes, and if they'd said it was a tax it would have been immediately challenged as unconstitutional. (Notice that they needn't have worried, because the Supreme Court distorted everything and announced that yeah, it counts as a tax for enforcement purposes but isn't really.)

Changes to the tax code must come from the House. Obama, however, is looking at making changes to the tax code by executive order. That's unconstitutional, but do you actually think anyone inside the beltway gives a rat's ass?

* * *

My mother's disdain for Democrat politics was pretty obvious to me throughout my life. Her predictions for any Democrat President were the same: "He's going to ruin the economy and get us into a war," she'd say. Well, until Carter, every Democrat who'd been President during her lifetime had done exactly that, and during her parents' lifetimes to boot. Progressive politics got us mired in WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam; the latter two had not required that the economy go on a war footing but still consumed a lot of American blood and treasure.

Carter didn't have the guts to go to war with Iran over the hostage thing, more's the pity--you think we'd have the trouble now that we have with Iran if we'd pounded them back to the stone age in 1979?--and Clinton was too busy diddling interns to go to war, other than bombing the occasional Sudanese aspirin factory, and the mess in Serbia (which was at least partly meant to distract America from his biggest intern-diddling scandal). Hardly the kind of total war Mom was talking about.

Now it looks as if Obama's going to make up for the both of them. Look: Ukraine is not our problem. I don't know what Obama is trying to do there, and no one seems to be interested in explaining why he's trying to meddle in a Ukranian civil war. Why is someone who campaigned on getting the US out of various conflicts so keen on escalating one that has no real bearing on American interests?

Well, primarily because he's an arrogant idiot who thinks he's the smartest person in the room, but is far beyond his area of expertise and incapable of recognizing his own incompetence.

(Incidentally, this comment has an excellent summary of why Vietnam fell to communism.)

* * *

People for Euthanizing The Animals" doesn't have the same ring but it fits their acronym exactly the way "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" does, and with fewer prepositions.

Not surprised, here. The hypocrisy of leftist do-gooders is never surprising and the writer's comparison of PETA with murderous thug Ernesto "Che" Guevara is particularly apt.

* * *

Hillary Clinton, during her time as Secretary of State, apparently used a private e-mail account for official communications, which is a federal felony. Fucks given in DC: 0.000, of course, because laws are for conservatives and the proles in flyover country.

Ace understands. The GOP is not interested in reining in Leviathan, particularly not as long as they're the ones in control of the checkbook. The GOP leadership continues to make token efforts so they can tell the proles, "Hey, we tried, but we just can't do it this time! Please vote for us again so we can try again next time! *snerk* We told 'em we'd try! They're such idiots!"

Borepatch quotes an oft-cited statistic that says the feds will be insolvent by 2030, but I don't really think it'll take that long. Do you?

* * *

The weather this morning was utterly craptastic, and I was awakened promptly at 10 AM by the monthly siren test. I went from asleep to awake and panicking, until my brain integrated Tuesday and March and 10 o'clock. Not long after that the power failed for about five minutes--probably weather-related--but I let nothing stand in the way of me sleeping in. I didn't get up until 1.

Dinner tonight will be barbeque ribs, damn it, because I can. Ha!

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