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#4606: So, I won't make THAT mistake again.

Turns out that Adam Kinzinger, the congresscritter from the Fungal Vale, voted for the DHS funding cave-in, giving Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted without any strings attached--including funding Obama's illegal "executive amnesty". I voted for Kinzinger in the last election, but I won't be making that mistake again. Fact is, the GOP wants amnesty, and they don't mind letting Obama give it to them.

I've had it up to my ass with this shit.

What's the point of voting for the GOP any longer? I mean, if they're just going to side with the Democrats on everything, why do I not just vote Democrat? At least they're honest about wanting to screw everyone.

I certainly won't be voting for Adam Kinzinger again.

* * *

Some libs are sentient enough to understand, once they're kicked in the head enough times. A woman who supports Obama and Obamacare "gets mugged" and wakes up.

* * *

I don't know. I kinda think that if you have sixty-five large to spend on a car and you let yourself get rooked out of a deposit for it you kind of deserve it.

First off, you've decided to buy a limited-edition car, so you ought to know that the dealerships are going to be allocated only one per month, and they have to be larger dealerships because they're allocated by sales volume. Ask the question, "How many deposits have you taken?"

Second, the deposit is to hold the car for you. They won't have any trouble selling the car if you suddenly can't (or won't) buy it, so it should not have to be a great deal of money. If they need more than perhaps a grand, act with caution.

Third, because the car is desirable and hard to come by, you can expect that you won't be getting anything off the sticker price, and in fact you may end up paying a premium for the thing. I have to wonder how many of these cars will actually be driven, as opposed to parked in a glass room and wiped down with a diaper? And so I must say, if you have so much money that you can drop $65k on a car you're just going to store why are you worried about a fiddly thing like a deposit? Likewise if the car is something you're going to be hauling to race days in its own climate-controlled trailer; if you have that kind of money--

And since we live in a world with speed limits and other traffic laws and idiots who spread out across the road and all go five under the limit in formation, I don't see the point of owning a 700 horsepower car as a daily driver.

Most people don't have the skill to use the capabilities of a Toyota Camry let alone one of these behemoths. There's a freeway ramp I take every day to get to work that I almost always end up having to slow down for because some retard can't take it faster than 45 MPH. The Jeep has solid axles at both ends and leaf springs out back, and usually I am behind some retard in a car (not even an SUV) with a fully independent suspension that handles like a go-kart compared with my Jeep. At 62 MPH indicated the Jeep's suspension is loafing on that ramp, and I know that a braver (and more skilled) man than I could take it much faster than that without even squealing the tires.

So, no, not a lot of sympathy here, I'm afraid.

* * *

As of this writing the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the Obamacare case that's before it, at least not within my ken, so bear that in mind as I make my prediction:

The court will uphold whatever needs upholding in order to keep Obamacare on the books.

The court will do this because the last time they heard an Obamacare case they twisted the jurisprudence into a knot to keep from having to strike the law down, completely ignoring the stated language that said it was not a tax and declaring that it was indeed a tax, but not the kind of tax that would make the Senate-originated law unconstitutional or anything.

The court will do this because the judges are all very rich people who live inside the D.C. beltway, and they will never feel any financial pain from the strictures of Obamacare. Especially because, as very important people, they are not subject to it the way the rest of us are.

So, yeah. Obamacare's here to stay, folks.

* * *

Deflation! No inflation! In the "BLS is a lying sack of shit" department, we see that health care takes up less than one percent of your annual budget, and prices for it fell half a percent last year.

Uh, no. Unless you bring home $80,000 per month, you're paying more than 1% for your health insurance. And prices fell? That's pure horseshit.

Behold the economic miracle!
Medicinal Drugs +4.2%
Prescription Drugs +5.6%
Hospital Services +4.3%
Those things all rose by about 5% yet health insurance went down because...uh...we need it to! Otherwise inflation will be net positive, and that would be bad for Obama.

BLS has been pushing nothing but crap numbers for most of a decade, anyway, so this comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention.

* * *

Commentor Duc88 says it best:
USA needs another fucking Clinton or Bush like we need a thermonuclear war. Why can't these psychotic shitbags just take their money and go quietly into the night?
Because they want the power, and don't give a rat's ass what happens to everyone else in the country.

The fact that Hillary Clinton has her own e-mail server and used it while Secretary of State does not surprise me. As said by Andy at AoSHQ, "'I, for one, am shocked to see Hillary Clinton involved in recordkeeping and fundraising scandals,' said no one who remembers 1996." These are people to whom the law does not apply, and any attempt to apply it will get you fired and blacklisted, or worse. (What actually happened to Vince Foster and Ron Brown?)

The very fact that these people are taking illegal steps to keep their communications out of the public record like this is an indication that they cannot be trusted. Only vermin are afraid of the light.

* * *

Karl Denninger discusses, again, the insane inflation that has enriched the degree mills.

As he points out, it used to be that you could work your way through college. Tuition was within the grasp of anyone who cared to attend college. Even the ivy league schools (while more expensive than most) were still affordable enough that the average person could afford to attend them, if they could get accepted.

These days? Total cost of $40,000 per year is not exceptional, meaning that if you get a degree without having spent $160,000 it's because you got grants or scholarships that contributed to the total. Most people get out of school in debt up to their eyeballs, if not farther...and most of them proceed to earn less than $50,000 per year. Try servicing $160,000 of debt on $29,000 per year when you have to pay taxes, rent, and utilities, and see how well you do.

As long as student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, though, this is what we're going to have.

* * *

America's long slide into the police state is, for the time being, well documented. Cops bragging about planting evidence--what can go wrong?

* * *

Dinner last night was barbequed ribs, and I used a different cooking method this time.

Applied rub, then sealed the rack in foil and let it bake for 2.5 hours at 300. After that I removed the foil, applied sauce, and baked for another 20 minutes or so while I took care of assembling the side dishes.

Result: delicious, and it was fall-off-the-bone done. The only real problem was that I had to use regular foil (we're out of heavy duty) and it got torn, so juices leaked out into the pan and the ribs were dryer than usual. They weren't dry, though, and Mrs. Fungus and I demolished the entire rack.

The best part was that I didn't have to do anything other than apply the rub and put the meat in the oven, then leave it alone for two hours. No turning, no basting, nothing.

Next step is to try to replicate this result on the grill, but that'll wait for a couple of months.

Then we watched Dr. No. Actually we started to watch From Russia, With Love but I realized that the other movie came first, so I stopped about 5 min into the thing and we watched Dr. No. After that was over, I resumed From Russia, With Love, and we enjoyed them both.

Much more entertaining than the first time I tried to watch either of them, back in the 1980s, when I was a teenager who couldn't watch a movie that didn't have an explosion or a chase or a laugh every five minutes. (I am slightly exaggerating.)

My wife is very firmly in the "Sean Connery" camp, and I guess I'm starting to understand why hard core Bond fans don't like Roger Moore very much. Still, I was surprised to learn that Roger Moore was one of the original candidates to play Bond before Connery got the job. I suppose I should not have been, but I was. (Kind of like how Pierce Brosnan was going to be Bond, then Timothy Dalton got the job for two films, but then Brosnan took over.)

I still like Roger Moore as Bond, and my favorite Bond film is still Live and Let Die, but I am coming to understand.

* * *

Al Gore? Seriously? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Running Al Gore versus Jeb Bush--here's that whole "shit sandwich versus douche" thing, except in this case it's "shit sandwich versus shit sandwich". Kind of like Romney versus Obama, you know?

I like the idea of Hillary imploding before primary season but that's a whole year away, and the press can fix a lot of problems with a candidate in a year's time. Don't count her out yet, folks; she knows where the bodies are buried.

* * *

Target is reportedly going to lay off "thousands". Maybe those people will be lucky enough actually to be laid off rather than fired for trumped-up, stupid reasons.

* * *

Well, spring is coming, and it's going to be warm outside, and sooner than I'd like to admit my excuse will be "it's too f-ing hot" rather than "it's too f-ing cold". But when it's hot outside I can run a fan, and if I clean up the garage a bit I can work in the shade. Right?

Harbor Freight has a welding table on sale right now for about $60, and if I can ever get my finanaces straightened out maybe I can buy one. That would help me get organized enough to start working on learning to weld, because I would no longer have to kneel on a concrete floor as I must currently.

Look, my workbench is made of wood, which--aside from being flammable--is not a conductor of electricity. If I had a suitable piece of plate steel I could lay it on the bench (once it was cleaned off) and have a suitable welding surface, but I'd still have to move it away from the wall and/or hang up welding blankets.

Well, not this week, but soon...soon.

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