atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4614: I want 1/2" Atomic Fire Balls

I did a search on Google and found a place that sells that size (rather than the 1" size) so I'm going to have to order some, sooner or later.

* * *

Work today was typical, but it featured one incredible dumbass who couldn't understand why my employer won't honor her service contract with AT&T.

I tried explaining to her, in words of one syllable, that she is in fact paying AT&T to fix things like her battery problem, and it doesn't matter where she bought the phone. It was easier for her just to blame me for all that is wrong with her world, though.

* * *

The employment figures are almost entirely fabricated and we are nowhere near "full employment".

The real unemployment rate in the US is about 23%, but of course the BLS is adjustering and fiddleating the numbers so that they can "prove" Obamanomics isn't an abject failure.

Big surprise.

* * *

Penecillin, the magic bullet. An interesting look at the early days of penecillin use.

* * *

JayG links a motorcycle crash video and comments on root causes.

And yes, a very large number of the motorcycle crash videos I've seen have been due entirely to three factors:
1) Going far too fast
2) Doing something stupid
3) Not paying attention
"Too fast" is self-explanatory, as is "not paying attention".

"Doing something stupid"--if you are doing wheelies in traffic, if you are trying to do a "stoppie" or "reverse wheelie", if you're doing anything that involves you standing next to the bike with it in gear, laying a patch, doing donuts or any kind of stunt, if your hands are not on the handlebars, if you are standing on the seat while the bike is in motion YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING STUPID AND YOU WILL GET HURT, MAYBE BADLY.

There was a guy (that appeared with Jesse James on his motorcycle shows) whose favorite trick was to stand on his motorcycle's seat while it rolled down the highway at speed. That guy no longer appears on those shows because he's dead, and he died--guess how!--doing that stunt one too many times. That's why I say "you will get hurt": no matter how lucky you are, eventually the dice roll snake eyes.

A lot of the bike wreck videos I see happened purely because the rider was doing something stupid. If you're not riding down the freeway with your front wheel in the air, you're much less likely to lose control of the bike and fall off the thing. It's just that simple.

A lot of the clips in the video are from Russia, where the national pastime appears to be running red lights. I'm just sayin'.

* * *

Ordered two relays, exact replacements, from a place I found on line. Price for two relays: $7.04. Shipping for two relays: $8.66. *sigh*

This is how it goes when you're buying electronic components, though. It'll be a few days before the relays get here. I'm going to remove the broil element and plug the stove back in, so at least I'll be able to cook something even if I can't bake or broil. But I'm not doing that until tomorrow, because I want to be able to keep an eye on the stove, and I need to sleep tonight.

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